League Player Finds Crazy Veigar Build in Patch 13.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A Crazy Veigar Build has been found in Patch 13.10 that may or may not work.

League of Legends just got one of their biggest patches of the season. Patch 13.10 will shake up the game regarding items, power spikes, and the whole lot. However, there were a few snags that Riot had to deal with.

There was a recent crashing issue for the League of Legends client. However, the biggest problem was the issue that delayed Patch 13.10 by 24 hours. That means it took all the players a bit longer to get their hands on the new tech.

In terms of new tech, there is going to be a lot that will pop up in the coming week or so. The new item changes will allow players to theorycraft and experiment with different builds to find something they will enjoy. Overall, this update will bring a lot of new thought processes into League of Legends.

It seems that this process has already started pretty quickly from PBE that a player has created a build for Veigar that allows him to deal more damage on his basic attacks than his Ultimate. Here is what we know about it.

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The Crazy Veigar Build

A Reddit post was made by a user named AmateurDamager about this interesting build. He claims that going for the following build will deal more damage, given a chance to do more autos.

The core item build is essentially Lich Bane -> Rabadon’s Deathcap -> Statikk Shiv -> Stormrazor. This leaves some room for a Mythic, but if you are going into this Statikk Shiv and Stormrazor build, you are probably going more attack speed.

In short, the idea is to use spells and as many Spellblade and auto-attack procs as possible to deal the damage. However, this methodology has a few problems, as pointed out by some users on Reddit.

While it is a crazy build that Veigar can opt into, it generally does not have a lot of damage against all characters. This build lacks any form of penetration as well as making his abilities deal slightly less damage overall. Veigar is used as a burst mage, and you will generally not use auto attacks.

This is not to discredit the technology. It is always smart to innovate, and we could see this work more on ARAMs than on Summoner’s Rift. There is less space to work around in ARAMs so there is a world where this works well there. However, Summoner’s Rift leaves a lot of open space, and Veigar will probably not get the time to deal damage through auto attacks.

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