League of Legends: How to Remake ARAM Games

The ARAM mode in League of Legends is finally getting a remake system.

League of Legends has always had multiple game modes to play throughout the years. Two game modes are the most consistent since the inception of the game. Summoner’s Rift has been the staple, while the ARAM mode has garnered a lot of popularity over the years since its release as a game mode.

Originally, the ARAM mode was just a map available for custom games where you could get random champions to play with. From Patch 3.6, ARAM was officially made a game mode alongside Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Dominion. Since then, many game modes have been omitted, but ARAM has solidified its position as the alternative game mode to Summoner’s Rift.

Since then, ARAM has changed the map, items, champions, health shrines, and the Mark Summoner Spell. All that and changes in ARAM in terms of balancing have made the game mode a fun activity. However, the AFK situation is often problematic with any League of Legends game mode. ARAM games had a problem due to AFK players.

A sneaky update earlier this year has allowed remakes in ARAM. This was found out by players later during games. The remake system is a great addition to ARAM and has been great in Summoner’s Rift since its inception. However, with some flaws there, Riot is making some remake system adjustments to Summoner’s Rift.

With that said, it has now been confirmed that ARAM is also getting the remake adjustments, as it is only fair for them to get it alongside Summoner’s Rift. Let’s talk about that.

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Can You Remake In ARAM Games?

There was officially no way to remake ARAM Games in the past. However, many players noticed a sneaky update when Riot added the remake system to ARAM. Here is a screenshot below to prove and show that remakes are a thing for ARAM games.

Can You Remake In ARAM Games

How To Remake an ARAM Game

Since the remake system was implemented in ARAM without any public information, we can only assume that the same system used in Summoner’s Rift right now is in effect for ARAM games. For those who are unaware of the remake system in ARAM, here is a summary of it.

  • A remake vote can be taken if an ally has been marked as AFK or disconnected for 90 seconds before three minutes mark in a game.
  • Two out of four players vote yes to remake the game.
  • A First Blood against the disconnected’s team has not taken place before they disconnect.
  • The voting will not be cancelled if First Blood occurs while a /remake vote is in progress.

Remake Adjustments Coming to ARAM

As mentioned earlier, the remake adjustments are coming to ARAM games. This was confirmed by Spideraxe’s tweet, which included a screenshot from Riot Auberaun, ensuring the changes being an addition to ARAM soon.

This is a great addition to ARAM, considering the amount of AFK players that plague League of Legends. While the new remake system will help players, it will also hinder players from exploiting the system with the First Blood rule still in place.

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