League of Legends New Remake Changes Revealed

New PBE changes show that Riot is changing timers for remaking games in League of Legends.

League of Legends is the game that exemplifies the need for teamwork. Without all five players working together, it is extremely hard to win a game. Working together and striving to achieve your goal is a very gratifying experience.

However, in the last few years, there has been more instances of people AFK’ing or simply not showing up for the games. Initially, Riot decided to implement a Remake system for active players to end the current game and let them get into another proper lobby of all active players.

That system has its perks, as it allowed players in the game to not be punished for one person going AFK. If the lobbies were remade, players, not AFK, would receive no penalties. However, the player that did not show up for the game gets a penalty in LP and the Leaverbuster.

That mitigated the issue for a while but still did not solve it. Thus, to improve the system, Riot is making changes to the system so players can have a better experience when encountering an AFK player.

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Remake Changes

Here are the new remake changes, courtesy of Spideraxe.

  • Remake Starting Time changed from 3 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Voting Window will be 90 seconds long instead of 30 seconds long.

The highlight remake changes are that the remaking starting time will be changed from 3 minutes to 1 and a half minutes. Furthermore, the voting window will be 90 seconds instead of the current voting window of 30 seconds. This allows players to remake faster while giving the players more time to vote on it.

Spideraxe also mentioned that the inactivity detection should also be reduced from 180 seconds to 90 seconds. A content creator Vandiril also tested the system and verified that it works.

This is a welcome change, considering how AFK players can ruin the experience of games in League of Legends.

Release Date For The Changes

Most of the changes are expected to go live in patch 12.20, scheduled to release on October 19, 2022. However, the inactivity detection timer might not be rolling out in patch 12.20. The entire changes they are planning may come out in 12.20 or 12.21. These changes will improve League of Legends matches, which is good for the game going forward.

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