League of Legends offseason rumors: Alphari to Team Liquid and more

League of legends offseason officially begins on November 19th however teams have already made arrangements behind the scenes.

North America has had a rather disappointing run at Worlds Championship in 2020. None of the teams NA has sent had made it past the group stage. NA’s first seed TSM went 0-6 which is the second time TSM had a 0 percent win rate in groups. However, Team Liquid and Flyquest went 3-3 showing some potential at the very end of the group stage.

For a major region to perform so poorly spells doom for the organizations and players. This offseason has proven to be very exciting as a lot of changes are being made to various teams. Importing talent has never really worked out for NA barring a few exceptions. Although there are a lot of rumors flying about. Here are some of the ones we can confidently say will take place.

‘Alphari’ to Team Liquid

Probably the hottest offseason transfer so far is the top lane talent going to TL. Team Liquid’s current top laner ‘Impact’ recently completed his contract and it is no surprise that Steve is looking to pick up another superstar to fill his role.

‘Alphari’ does not have a lot of achievements like ‘Impact’ but he is extremely consistent like him. The last few teams he has been on were rather disappointing. Origen was supposed to be a super team that eventually fell flat however ‘Alphari’ was the only one consistently performing through all of it.

According to ESPN, Team liquid are now closing a deal with the former Origen top laner.

Peter Dun to Evil Geniuses

Just in case this man has flown under your radar. Peter Dun was the head coach of the LEC team named MAD Lions. The team was full of rookies except for ‘Humanoid’. With Peter Dun as their head coach MAD placed 2nd in the summer split in their first year in LEC.

His resume as a coach is very impressive ranging from qualifying 14 teams to 6 World Championship qualifications. However, Peter has expressed his interest in talent development which will be very interesting to see that in effect in NA. He has over 8 years’ worth of experience in China, Brazil, and Europe and he is looking to add more to that stacked resume.

And now, Evil Geniuses in talk to pick up Peter Dun for their head coach in 2020.

Team Liquid resigns ‘Jensen’ for a record-breaking 4.2 million dollar contract

Recently in NA, there has been a shortage of mid-lane talents. With ‘Bjergsen’ recently retiring Team Liquid has made sure their superstar mid laner does not follow in his steps. Team Liquid is looking to spend a lot of money to make sure they can make a deep run at Worlds and it begins with resining ‘Jensen’. Team Liquid is subsequently making a lot of changes to ensure their goals

The only question mark that remains is the Jungler and Team Liquid is currently looking to pick up ‘Santorin’ from Flyquest but no such confirmations have been made.

With the new deal, TL ‘Jensen’ is now the most paid NA LCS player according to Travis Gafford.

C9 ‘Fudge’ moves over to the main roster

With the OCE region dissolving into NA, C9 has decided to move ‘Fudge’ into the main roster. Although it has not been publicly announced, ‘Licorice’ has stated that he will be in a new team next year. Normally OCE players would take up an import slot however with the recent changes to the NA LCS, OCE players do not count as imports.

Immortals lets go of ‘Xmithie’ and bring in ‘Guilhoto’

Many of you may remember ‘Xmithie’ from his golden days in Team Liquid. He has not found the same success in Immortals. In fact, Immortals placed at the very bottom of the standings in the Summer split. Immortals are now looking to rebuild their roster with the former Origen head coach ‘Guilhoto’.

Immortals are now looking for a fresh start with Guilhoto and Xmithie should also be looking for a new team as well.

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