League of Legends is getting new Lobby, Loading Screen, and End of Game UI updates in Season 12

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Major UI/UX update is coming to League’s Lobby, Loading Screen, Identity Menu, and End of Game.

Riot Games has already announced some game-changing updates for the 2022 preseason including the new Hextech and Chemtech Dragons, multiple new Mythic and Legendary items, and rune changes. Although the 2022 preseason may not be as big as previous preseason updates, considering the changes improves the existing game systems, it is still a major update for League of Legends.

Now to fuel more changes into it, Riot has now shared detailed changes for the upcoming Lobby, Loading Screen, Identity Menu, and End of Game UI. Here’s everything you need to know.


new Lobby lol
Image: Riot Games

Earlier this year, Riot first teased the sneak peek of the client’s new UI design — that according to Riot should clean up some of the old and untouched styles.

Now, Riot has officially shared the new lobby design that should be hitting PBE soon.

In the new Lobby, it showcases all the new things the Challenges provide. The icon is still the main focus of the screen, however, the ranked border is reforged into Ranked Crests. Similar to the current lobby, players will still be able to swap between Ranked and level borders.

Summoner names are still in the same spot but this time, Riot has added a new thing called “Titles” under the name. These titles can be earned through leveling certain challenges to specific tiers, and players will be free to choose between any title.

Identity Menu

Identity Menu
Image: Riot Games

In the new Identity Menu, League of Legends players will be able to customize their Icons, Borders, Titles, Challenge Tokens, and any other content types. This time, players will not require to hit the save button rather it will be automatically updated in real-time.

Loading Screen

Loading Screen season 12
Image: Riot Games

One of the biggest UI/UX changes of Season 12 is the new and improved Loading Screen design. “The Ranked Crest redesign from lobbies has carried over, and player cards also have a more contemporary look and feel,” Riot on the new design.

Player cards now have three sides:

  1. Game information: Champion/Skin, Ranked Border, First Strike Border, Summoner Name, Title & Icon, Summoner Spells, Runes, and Honor
  2. Champion information: Champion Mastery and Eternals
  3. Player information: Rank, Challenge Crystal, Challenge Tokens

End of Game

Riot is giving the End of Game screen a massive rework. It is now divided into two screens: One for personal progression and one for the game’s scoreboard.

Personal Progression

Personal Progression
Image: Riot Games

The Progression Page still displays all the previous things including Ranked progress, Champion Mastery, Summoner Level on the left, and Honor received in the lower right.

According to Riot, the big change is the progression carousel, which shows the challenges and Eternals progress.

The Scoreboard

The Scoreboard
Image: Riot Games

Riot pretty much resigned the Scoreboard screen. The reworked design now has lane position, separate KDA score, new gold earned column, a new column for challenges, Honor at bottom right, and a new column to toggle between damage dealt, damage taken, healing/shielding done, and CC score.

Release date

No specific date has been revealed yet, however, according to Riot the new Lobby, Loading Screen, and End of Game UI update is going live in Season 12, patch 12.1. Although the complete launch will come a few months afterward.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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