League of Legends Champions Real Names

Ever wondered what your favorite champion’s real full name is? Here’s everything you need to know.

League of Legends, one of the most popular games in the World currently has 155 champions. Even though there are so many champions in the game, last year, Riot Games announced that to keep things fresh they will “try and release at least six new champions a year.”

But every time there’s a new champion, Riot usually releases the champion with only using their nickname or in-game name along with an epithet. And most of the time, champions full or real names don’t get revealed unless there’s some new lore/story about them. As there is no official list from Riot Games, Reddit user u/TricolorStar has compiled a list showing all the champions’ real names.

Here are all the champions full names that are currently known:

ChampionsReal Name
Akali Akali Jhomen Tethi
Annie Annie Hastur
Azir Azir Omah
Camille Camille Ferros
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia du Couteau
Elise Elise Kythera Zaavan
Fiora Fiora Laurent
Garen Garen Crownguard
Graves Malcolm Graves
Heimerdinger Cecil B. Heimerdinger
Irelia Irelia Xan
Jarvan IV Jarvan Lightshield IV 
Jax Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un
JayceJayce Giopara
Katarina Katarina du Couteau
Kayn Shieda Kayn
Lux Luxanna Crownguard
Miss FortuneSarah Fortune
Mordekaiser Sahn-Uzal
Orianna Orianna Reveck
Qiyana Qiyana Yunalai
Riven Riven Konte
Sett Settrigh
Sivir Sivunas Alahair
Sona Sona Buvelle 
Swain Jericho Swain; His demon is named Raum
Talon Talon du Couteau
Twisted Fate Tobias Felix
Vayne Shauna Vayne
Yorick Yorick 
Ziggs Zigmund
Zilean Zilean Icath’un
Zac Zaun Amorphous Combatant

Here are all the champions full names based on their Hosts/Incarnations:

ChampionsReal Name (Based on Hosts/Incarnations)
Ashe Avarosa (Previous incarnation)
Brand Kegan Rodhe
Ivern Ivern the Cruel
Karma Darha (Name of current host)
Pantheon Atreus; His previous host names: Zeonia / Astraea / Areion 
Sejuani Serylda 
Varus Valmar / Kai (Name of human components used to form his body)
ZoeMyisha (Previous host)
Zyra Strangle-Thorn

Here are all the champions full names that they received through events or regional translations:

ChampionsReal Name (Based on Events or Regional Translations)
Ivern Ivern Bramblefoot
Janna Jan’ahrem 
Kai’sa Kaisa 
Kassadin Kassaiadyn 
KindredLamb & Wolf (Common), 
Ina & Ani (Ionian), 
Farya & Wolyo (Freljordian), 
Death (True Name) During their monologue, they refer to themselves as “The Pale Man“, while Fiddlesticks called them “The Grey Man
Wukong Kong 
Xerath Yerath
Zed Govos (Birth Name) or Usan (Kinkou Name)

Here are all the champions full names that was used as Disguises or Aliases:

ChampionsReal Name (Based on Disguises or Aliases)
Ezreal Jarro Lightfeather
Jhin Khada Jhin
LeBlanc Evaine or Emilia (Her lore is inconsistent with too many names)
Neeko Everyone

Here are all the champions full names that are not Canon:

ChampionsReal Name
Aatrox Boris (Fan Name)
Morgana Morgana Hex
Galio Galio Justice Justice (Joke Name)
Urgot Jeremiah James Urgot
Singed Dr. Peter Singed

Here are all the champions full names based on names with Tribes/Locations as a Surname:

ChampionsReal Name (Based on Tribes/Locations as a Surname)
Nami Nami of the Marai 
Quinn Quinn of Uwendale
Rakan Rakan of the Lhotlan
Rengar Rengar of the Kiilash
Sylas Sylas of Dregbourne
Taliyah Taliyah of the Nasaaj
Xayah Xayah of the Lhotlan

Some champions’ full names are not included as there’s not much information about them in lore, forum articles, or wiki pages.

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