Las Almas might be Warzone 2’s Second Map

A reputed CoD leaker suggests Las Almas might be the next big BR map for Warzone 2. Las Almas was present in one of MW2’s campaign missions.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is almost here. The official successor to MW (2019), the game features a fantastic campaign that will extend into the multiplayer mode and Warzone 2. Furthermore, Warzone 2 is one of this year’s most anticipated live-service titles.

Warzone 2’s official map Al Mazrah was officially revealed in the CoD Next event. Al Mazrah is a fictional Middle East Asian region that was heavily present in MW2’s campaign. Another significant region was Las Almas, speculated as the following big BR map of Warzone 2.

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Is “Las Almas” the next Warzone BR Map?

Reputed leaker TheGhostofHope tweeted that Las Almas is 100% the following map for Warzone 2. The speculation comes from MW2’s campaign, highlighting how Las Almas had everything a BR map requires.

Las Almas is based on the Mexican plains. The region has everything, including mountains and an airport. Players who have played Warzone will agree on these points, as the airport and mountains have been important parts of both Verdansk and Caldera.

Furthermore, Las Almas has the most diverse environment featuring dense jungle and a populated urban area. The level also displays the “camo-ish” foilage of the area, making it a perfect choice for a BR map.

Another user shared a map from the game’s cutscene that features a map planned for Las Almas. Based on what we know, the region might be a foolproof map that might be added to the game alongside Al Mazrah.

However, these are just rumors at this point. So, take this with a grain of salt until Infinity Ward makes an official announcement regarding the future Warzone 2 maps.

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