Is “Nikto” the new “Roze” in Modern Warfare 2?

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Although Roze has finally lost her Black suit, it seems like Nikto has taken her place. Is “Nikto” the next Roze problem for Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Warzone was an innovative take on the BR genre. The game brought in new gameplay mechanics and features. Moreover, it provided players with weapon and operator customization options that allowed them to create their own identities.

Although skins are a beloved community item, some of them have been the center of a dispute. Roze has been one of the most debated and controversial skins of Warzone. The skin had the perfect color scheme to disappear into the shadows while creating an identity for the community’s most group, the “Sweats.”

Unfortunately, the latest intel drop shows that Roze’s black operator skin has been removed from MW2. However, there’s a catch as “Nikto” is returning with a black operator skin similar to “Roze.” Most players think it will be the next significant skin to cause problems for the game.

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Is “Nikto” the new “Roze” in Modern Warfare 2?

In a recent tweet, content creator Geekypastimes shared a portion from the operator intel drop about Roze. From the intel drop, it is clear that Roze is free from the black suit, making the whole shadow skin problem go away forever.

Surprisingly, NYSL Mavriq pointed out in a reply posting a picture of the operator “Nikto,” in entirely black attire. Previously, Nikto had a beige armor plate making him stand out from afar. However, this new black attire turned him into a beefed-up version of Roze.

ModernWarzone also tweeted the same picture quoting, “Here we go with the impossible to skins already,” the replies in the tweet show how much an influence Roze has left on modern CoD even after getting nerfed to oblivion. Another user, James Loughlin, compared Nikto to “John Cena.”

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