Kayn And Aatrox Allegedly Leaked For Wild Rift Patch 3.5

As Patch 3.5 is almost a month away from release, some leaks already suggest the new upcoming champions.

Patch 3.4 was the biggest and most influential update when compared to all the updates since patch 3.0. Patch 3.4 has brought many new items and champions to the Rift. Alongside the new champions, Riot also released a new 1v1 game mode and a new event called Supreme Cells.

All the champions who came out in patch 3.4 are Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex. Alongside four new champions, Riot also added new support starting items, overall buff to support, the addition of Rift Maker, etc.

Even though we are almost a month away from patch 3.5, there have already been massive leaks about all the champions coming to Wild Rift.

Prominent Wild Rift leaker, ChowZ posted on Twitter about all the upcoming champions of Wild Rift in patch 3.5.

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Upcoming Champions Of Patch 3.5

Three different champions were leaked in the post. They are:

  • Aatrox
  • Kayn
  • Unnamed Mage


aatrox wild rift
Image Credits: Riot Games

Aatrox is the first champion that will be released in patch 3.5.

Aatrox is a Darkin. For those who don’t know, Darkins are monster-type champions, also known as God Warriors. They are corrupted ascended of Shurima. Being traumatized by the void war, they used blood magic on themselves. Blood magic is a type of magic that is linked with resurrection and healing. However, all known Darkins are now imprisoned in various weapons, unable to regain their original ascended forms.

There is already one Darkin in Wild Rift, and that champion is Varus.

Aatrox will have a high amount of damage and a strong sustain if he is similar to his PC counterpart.


kayn wild rift
Image Credits: Riot Games

Kayn is one of the unique characters ever released in League of Legends. He can transform into two other forms, a shadow assassin, and a Darkin. So including his base form, in total, he has three different forms.

Kayn can transform into one of his forms once per match. Once transformed, he cannot change back.

Shadow Assassin has more movement speed and can kill a champion in a short time, but he is extremely squishy and can die very easily.

Darkin or Rhaast, on the other hand, is similar to Aatrox. He has really good damage alongside high sustain. But he is not as fast as the Shadow Assassin and can not one-shot any champion similar to him.

Unnamed Mage

A mage is the last champion coming out in patch 3.5. Moreover, the identity of this mage character is still unknown. So we can only speculate on who this mage character could be.

Release Date

Wild Rift patch 3.5 will be coming out on Nov 17, 2022, along with Aatrox, Kayn, and the Unnamed Mage champion.

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