Kaiju Wars: All Structures and their Functions

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Kaiju Wars’ unique map layout has various kinds of structures. Here’s what each of them does.

Kaiju Wars is the brand new tactical turn-based strategy game from Foolish Mortals Games. The colorful neon-drenched 2.5D game brings back a hint of nostalgia from retro Nintendo titles. In Kaiju Wars, you take on the role of Flotilla City’s newly appointed Mayor who’s put in charge of a crisis situation.

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Dangerous Kaiju monsters raid a military base on the day of your visit. And without a clue of what they are and where they’re coming from, you must take charge to bring the situation under control. The goal of the mission is to stall these Godzilla resembling monsters until your chief scientist Dr. Wagner can research the creature and prepare an anti-monster serum that can kill the Kaijus.

With that being said, no monster attack is without a devastating level of property damage. Your mission terrain is set on an isometric tile-based map with various infrastructures that dictate the flow of the Kaiju’s movements. Perhaps that’s why the Kaijus will try to topple down the structures first.

To ensure your victory against the Kaiju monsters, you must keep the collateral damage to these structures to a minimum, and ensure that some of the most essential structures are still standing near the end of the battle. We have put together this guide to help you understand what each structure does.

Army Base

Your army base will act as the deployment station for all your basic field units. These include Police, Infantry, Tank, Bomber, Missiles, Radar, Anti-aircraft, and Artillery. You cannot deploy these units without an army base. Moreover, the army base will also act as a transportation hub for Dr. Wagner.

Furthermore, army bases are also a major contributor to your security rating. Security rating depicts your cyber security defense. If your security rating falls to zero, hackers will hack into your systems and alert the Kaijus of Dr. Wagner’s location. You can build an army base for the cost of 12 coins. Or you may build one for free by drawing a relevant Project Card.


The airfield is essentially an army base for deploying your basic air units such as the Bushplane and Fighter. You cannot deploy these air units without an airfield. In addition to working as a transportation hub for Dr. Wagner, airfields also contribute to better security ratings. Moreover, they also cost 12 coins to build.


Unlike army bases and airfields, harbors do not act as a deployment station for battle units. Instead, they generate coins that you can use to build bases and deploy or repair units. With that being said, Harbors do have some strategic value as Dr. Wagner can use them as a transportation hub to board ships and escape through the water route.


Unlike your typical military-strategy games, victory in Kaiju Wars is dependent on science rather than firepower. That’s because the Kaijus cannot be killed without proper scientific breakthroughs about their weaknesses. That’s why you will need a lab where Dr. Wagner and her researchers can work on making that anti-monster serum.

Labs produce science points, which are one of the key resources you need to win the battle against Kaijus. If you acquire 10 science points, you will earn a breakthrough star. With enough breakthrough stars, you can produce the serum needed to kill the Kaijus.

In addition to producing science, Labs also function as deployment stations for Special units such as Maser, Guncross Wing/Robot, Liger Panther, Super Z-2, Sky Carrier, Food Cart, OGR Platform, Freezer, and Big Boy. Special units put up a better fight against the Kaiju monsters, with each having high damage dealing capacity.

Having said that, labs are the most vital structure on your map which must be protected at all costs. But protecting alone isn’t enough. You will need to build additional labs for Dr. Wagner to relocate to in case Kaijus locate her initial lab. With that being said, you cannot win against the Kaijus without at least one functioning lab.

Basic Structures

This is an umbrella category for all the normal buildings that don’t directly help you in your battle. Office buildings, residential housing, suburbs, warehouses, and lookout towers all fall under this category. Basic structures can be distinguished by their grey color, as all other structures are golden. Moreover, they cannot be rebuilt if they are toppled down by the Kaijus.

Some of these buildings exist for the sole purpose of baiting the Kaijus toward them. They don’t generate any coins or science points, nor do they act as deployment stations for units. That’s why there is no penalty for losing them to the Kaijus.

Some buildings, on the other hand, do generate coins and science points and even contribute to your security ratings. If they are destroyed by the Kaiju, your security rating will go down, which will make it easier for the Kaijus to track down Dr. Wagner’s location.

Kaiju Wars is currently only available on PC and is slated to be released on other platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, and Mac OS later this year.

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