Riot Changes Jungle Again On LoL Patch 13.5

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has unveiled that they would be changing jungle invades in patch 13.5.

Riot changes the jungle significantly at the start of every League of Legends season. And season 13 was no exception.

In this season, however, Riot has changed the jungle a lot compared to the previous season. Firstly, they replaced the previous jungle items with all-new jungle pets. They also added a jungle path recommender for newer players. After that, Riot also added updates like changing how leashing works, removing healing from smites, etc. Among those, one of the controversial jungle changes was the invade nerfs.

In previous seasons, early jungle invades were very common. In most games, there would always be a level one invades. And if a jungler died during the mid-game, the opponent jungler would most likely invade and try to take all of the camps.

In season 13, Riot changed how invading works in League of Legends. Now enemy camps have reduced damage. Overall, counter-jungling wasn’t even worth it this season. Most aggressive jungle mains hated this change since it lowered the overall skill expression.

Since the current risk is very high with invading and not worth it for many jungle champions, Riot will change the jungle in the upcoming patch 13.5.

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Jungle Changes Patch 13.5

  • Oracle Lens:
    • Cooldown: 90-60>>> 120-60
  • Enemy Jungle Damage Reduction: 20%>>> [Removed]
  • Jungler Lane XP for first 14m: 75% >>> 40-75% based on game time (linear scaling from 0:00)
  • Gold per camp
    • Gromp: 70 >>> 80
    • Blue: 80 >>> 90
    • Murkwolf: 50 >>> 55
    • Minimurky: 13>>> 15
    • Razorbeak: 30 >>> 35
    • Minirazor: 7 >>> 8
    • Red: 80 >>> 90
    • Medium Krug: 5 >>> 10
    • Little Krug: 13 >>> 14

These changes aim to bring back farming the way it was in previous seasons, and there are some extra adjustments to keep the snowballing balanced.

Firstly Riot is nerfing Oracle Lens in the upcoming update. Since Oracle is popular among supports and jungle mains, the stealth ward is mostly ignored. Moreover, because of the low cooldown of the sweeper, players would put their stealth wards somewhere either in the river or in the opponent’s camp first, then immediately recall. After they are in the base, they would buy an Oracle’s Lens and still benefit from the low cooldown time. Because of it, Riot is nerfing the early cooldown of the sweeper.

And the damage reduction of the enemy jungle camps has been removed. Now the players can deal the normal amount of damage they were able to deal before.

Also, to reduce early ganks, Riot has reduced the early jungler lane XP. It could be a devastating change for those jungle champions who rely on doing level 2 or level 3 ganks.

And finally, Riot has also increased gold per camp. Now junglers can earn more gold by clearing camps. So currently, full clearing is the best and most viable option.

These changes are great for champions with a fast full clear and can clear camps faster than other champions. Moreover, we might see more Hecarim, Kayn, Diana, etc., in our ranked matches with the upcoming update.

Release Date

These jungle changes will hit live servers on patch 13.5, scheduled to release on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.