Infinity Ward finally fixes the game-breaking gun glitch from Modern Warfare and Warzone

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The demon gun glitch is finally fixed by Infinity Ward in the latest mini patch.

Infinity Ward has been getting a lot of backlashes from the community over the recent game-breaking gun glitch. Many well-known streamers and players were outraging because of how ofter they were encountering the glitch that turns guns into a shaking pixelated image that covers up almost the entire screen.

Players were calling out Infinity Ward for their lack of actions and some of them even showed their frustration by saying the games are going to die if they don’t fix the texture glitch soon.

And today on the latest dev post, Infinity Ward has finally addressed the most annoying gun glitch along with fixing the “Play Again” option and an issue that caused the Common AUG to be invisible in Warzone.

Patch Notes: August 14

Download Size:

  • PS4: 1.2GB
  • PC: 0.88GB (F2P only) and 1.83GB (MW/MW owners)
  • Xbox One: 66.3GB

The new patch is 1.2GB for PS4 and 0.88GB for PC players, but unfortunately, Xbox One players have to download a massive 66.3GB for this update.

“Due to an unforeseen bug with the Microsoft patch delivery process, this download requires Xbox users to redownload files they already have, but it does NOT impact the overall install size,” devs said regarding this massive size on Xbox. “We’re working closely with Microsoft to ensure future updates are smaller in size.”

General fixes

  • Fix for weapon models (sights and weapons picked up) corrupting on screen
  • Fix for an error that could occur when selecting “Play Again” option in Warzone
  • Fixed a bug where players could use the rope ascender through a closed door in Downtown
  • Fixed an issue where the world model of the Common AUG was appearing invisible in Warzone
  • The increased map counts in our playlists caused some maps to not appear in playlist rotations. To help them appear more regularly, we’re removing the following maps from each mode listed below:
    • Headquarters – Removing Arklov Peak and Shipment
    • Kill Confirmed -Removing Aniyah Incursion
    • Cyber Attack – Removing Aniyah Incursion
    • Hardpoint – Removing Piccadilly and Aniyah Incursion
    • Search and Destroy – Removing Rust
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