Players are furious as Warzone is currently filled with game-breaking gun glitch

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Players and Streamers are showing their frustrations over the game-breaking gun glitch in Warzone season 5.

Warzone season 5 just came out on August 5, with tons of new content like opening up the Stadium, introducing Train, and many more. But apparently even with all these new changes, Infinity Ward is getting a lot of backlashes. At the start of season 5, players were outraging over the introduction of Juggernaut and now it seems like players are furious once again as there are some new game-breaking glitches.

This new gun glitch or texture glitch turns guns or characters into a shaking pixelated image that covers up almost the entire screen. Although it is nothing new to encounter glitches in Call of Duty: Warzone, this gun glitch has to be the most broken glitch players have ever encountered.

Streamers and Players reaction

As the game is pretty much broken right now because of the glitch, a lot of streamers and players are showing their frustrations on social media.

One of the most popular streamers Nickmercs tweeted out saying that, “WARZONE IS BROKEN & ITS FU**** PISSING ME OFF.”

Cloakzy has also shown his disappointment by calling Activision out for not fixing the bugs yet. He also mentioned “Games going to die,” if they do not fix the game soon enough.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop has also tweeted out saying that he is encountering the bug for the last ten days now. And many streamers including Bobby, Jordan Kaplan has also posted clips on Twitter showing how annoying the new glitch is.

Along with Twitter, a lot of players are also showing their anger on Reddit as well. One player said, “I’m legit having this gun glitch about 2-3 times a game, including in Gulags where it essentially guarantees I lose. This is ridiculous.”

Some console players have also mentioned that this ‘Demon Gun Glitch’ is not limited to PC players and they are encountering it as well.

Infinity Ward’s Response

Infinity Ward, however, has already acknowledged the glitch and in the Infinity Ward’s Trello board the glitch has now shifted to “fixed in a future update”.

Infinity Ward’s Sr. Communications Manager Ashton Williams has also confirmed on Twitter that they are already working on fixing the “graphical corruption issue.”

Although there is still no date concerning when the patch is going live but we can hope that the gun glitch will be fixed very soon.

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