Infinity Ward dev thinks the infinite loading screen in Warzone is a “Complex” issue

Even an Infinity Ward dev thinks the infinite loading glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone is a “Complex Issue” and it is not going away from the game any time soon.

Although Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games at this moment, players encounter glitches, game-breaking bugs on a daily basis. But the infinite loading glitch has to be the most annoying glitch yet.

The infinite loading occurs to some players when they are on the loading phase before the match start. And due to the glitch, they get stuck on the never-ending loading screen. Some players can even hear gun gunfire and match countdown, but they just simply can’t enter the game.

The glitch has been there in Warzone since release and for the last couple of months, there are tons of complaints regarding the infinite loading on Reddit. Every now and then players start a new Reddit thread in order to find solutions, unfortunately, which is not available. A lot of players found the issue even after reinstalling the game. Console players have also reported that they are facing Infinite loading glitch as well.

On Twitter when a player asked Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot, if they have ever thought of fixing the infinite loading screen in Warzone or not.

Replying to the tweet, Joe Cecot said, “We are looking at this but it’s turning out to be a very complex issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Infinity Ward acknowledged the existence of the glitch in the game but as it is a very “complex” issue, it is taking some more time than usual for the devs to fix the issue.

Infinity Ward tries to eliminate all the known glitches and bugs by patching them every other week. But based on Joe Cecot reply it seems like the infinite loading glitch is not leaving Warzone anytime soon.


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