Improved tooltips for champion abilities are on the way in League of Legends

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A new improved tooltips for champion abilities are coming to PBE very soon.

Although League of Legends has been out for years, it still has some basic stat features for champion abilities. Currently, upon hovering on champion abilities it only shows a few stats like mana cost, cooldown, damage, and some basic numbers. And in order to check out detailed stats, players are required to press their shift key.

But now League of Legends’ Tech Designer and Lead Game Designer of Modes, Reina Sweet has announced that they are finally adding improved champion abilities stats in-game.

With this new feature, League players will now be able to see the damage, total ratio, cooldown, and mana cost of that ability even before they put their point on it. And after hovering on the ability it will be indicated with a yellow mark regarding what is the current state of that ability. This new change will also help players to decide what ability they want to max first.

Reina Sweet has also mentioned that players will be able to toggle to make it visible all the time even without pressing the shift key.

This new change is also getting a lot of positive responses from the League community and a lot of players think it’s a great addition to the game which will help a lot of players in the future.

Improved tooltips will soon be available along with Ahri and Kayle changes on the PBE and expected to go live on patch 10.18.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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