Huge Rek’Sai Changes In LoL Patch 14.4

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Rek’Sai will be receiving some massive changes in the upcoming patch.

Not even a day into Patch 14.3, Riot has revealed what looks like one of the biggest changes coming to the upcoming Patch 14.4. The changes we are talking about are the massive Rek’Sai changes.

Rek’Sai as a champion that has been particularly hard to balance for Riot. The champion has always been either very strong or pretty underwhelming, and currently, she fits the latter part.

The last time she was actually meta was during early Season 13. During that time, Jungle experience was very low, leading to low-econ ganking Junglers like Elise, Jarvan IV, and Rek’Sai to return to the meta. But after Riot buffed Jungle EXP, Rek’Sai’s presence on the Jungle meta has been non-existent. As of now, Rek’Sai has an abysmal win rate of 48% and an even worse pick rate of 17.4%.

Thus, for Patch 14.4, Riot is giving her a sort of pseudo-mini-rework. In this article, we will look at the changes coming to Rek’Sai and how they will affect her kit moving forward.

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Patch 14.4 Rek’Sai Changes

Here are all the changes coming to Rek’Sai in Patch 14.4,

  • Base Stats
    • Health Growth increased from 99 to 105
    • Base Health Regeneration reduced from 7.5 to 5
    • Health Regeneration growth reduced from .65 to .5
    • Base Movement Speed increased from 335 to 340
  • Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai
    • Fury generation reduced by 50% against minions.
    • Base heal removed
    • Heal health ratio increased from 2% – 10% max HP to 12% – 20%
  • Q – Queen’s Wrath
    • Unburrow Q now grants 45% Attack Speed.
    • Burrow Q’s damage changed from Physical to Magic Damage
    • Burrow Q base damage reduced from 50 – 190 to 50 – 150
    • Burrow Q bonus AD Ratio reduced from 50% to 25%
    • Burrow Q Cooldown reduced from 12 – 10 seconds to 10 flat.
  • W – Burrow
    • Burrow Movement Speed changed from 5 – 15 (based on level) to 5 – 25 (based on ability rank)
    • Burrow vision increased from 337.5 to 472.5
    • Unburrow damage changed from Physical to Magic damage.
    • Unburrow AD ratio removed
    • Unburrow base damage changed reduced from 50-190 to 50-150
    • Unburrow now scales with 80% AP.
  • E – Furious Bite
    • Unburrowed cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 10
    • Unburrow base damage removed
    • Unburrow AD ratio increased from 75% to 100%
    • Unburrow E now deals targets 6% – 14% max HP damage during max fury instead of doing double damage.
    • Burrowed E cooldown reduced from 26 – 18 seconds to 16 – 12
    • Tunnel cooldown reduced from 10 – 2 seconds to 6 – 2
    • Tunnel speed increased
  • R – Void Rush
    • Bonus AD ratio reduced from 175% to 100%

Starting off with the base stats, Rek’Sai’s base Health, Heath Regeneration, and Heath Regeneration Growth are taking a hit. But the extra healing on her Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai should more than make up for the nerfs. Additionally, her base Movement Speed is being increased by 5, which is a significant buff.

Her Unburrowed Q – Queen’s Wrath is getting a free 45% attack speed buff. But the Burrowed Q’s damage and scaling are going down, and its damage type is going from AD to AP. This should not really affect her much, but on the other hand, the Unburrowed Q buff is huge.

W – Burrow is receiving some major changes as well. Burrow Movement Speed and Vision are going up significantly, but its damage is being changed from Physical to Magic, and its AD scaling is being removed. Moreover, its base damage is going down, but it’s getting an 80% AP scaling. From the looks of it, Riot is trying to make her into a hybrid damage dealer, which should help with her poor scaling.

The Unburrowed E – Furious Bite is getting its cooldown lowered, but its base damage is being removed. Its scaling is going up slightly, but the ability now deals max health damage. It seems like Riot is heavily nerfing Assassin Rek’Sai but buffing Bruiser Rek’Sai. Also, the Tunnel cooldown and speed are getting buffed. Finally, R – Void Rush is getting some of its AD ratio gutted.

Overall, it seems Riot really doesn’t like Assassin Rek’Sai and is actively trying to push her towards a Bruiser-ish style.

Release Date

The Rek’Sai changes will hit the live servers on Patch 14.4, which is scheduled to be released on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

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