How to Unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

Want to unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights? Your fast travelling here to get that wisdom is worth it. Hop in!

The fear of Batman was nothing like anything. The goons used to have heartaches whenever he popped out from the shadow. And this assassin’s skills made him the terror of Gotham. However, because of an untimed death, the heartaches might have reduced a bit, but the brutality of his apprentices is something else to think of for the goons.

However, they still cannot perform the fast travel that the Dark Knight used to do, as this should be an essential skill for the Bat-family and for a modern open-world game. In this guide, we will discuss how you can unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights to pop up anywhere at any time. Hop in!

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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

To unlock fast travel, follow the guide below:

Find Lucius Fox

Continue doing side activities like the Secret Cache one. Soon, you will get a call from the philanthropist Lucius Fox, an unconditional friend of Bruce Wayne. Have to remind you that most of Bruce’s gadgets are made by Fox. And he still holds the same attitude toward the Bat Family.

Fox has undergone developing new techs. And of the techs is the Wing Suit. You will unlock the wingsuit by then. However, there is still one thing you must do before you can jump off from a rooftop with the wingsuit equipped.

The GCPD Drones

All the regions of Gotham are now under the surveillance of GCPD Drones. You have to shoot them down to clear your pathway in the sky. Otherwise, they will shoot you down to clear their pathway in the sky.

What you have to do is, scan the drones using the AR mode. However, you cannot scan these until they are stopped by a dock. Until then, follow them around and grab the chance just when they are having a breather on a dock. After that, scan it, hack it, and then fly around. However, you must deal with all the drones for their designated area.

And this is all I had in my stash for fast travel in Gotham Knights. Cheers!

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