How to Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game

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Amanda Fisher is one of the cooler characters in the Evil Dead universe. However, you need to unlock her first to play with her in Evil Dead: The Game. Here is how you can unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer-focused game where you can play as the survivors or the demon to hunt down the survivors. While this kind of game is nothing new, Evil Dead: The Game puts its own spin on the formula.

This game also has a single-player mode where you can play a few smaller missions to enjoy a bit of the story and background of the game. While it is not the game’s main focus, there are incentives to play the single-player mode.

Amanda Fisher is one of the characters you can unlock by playing the single-player mode in Evil Dead: The Game. Here is how you can unlock her.

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Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game

Amanda Fisher can be unlocked by completing “Mission 3: Kill ‘Em All.” Here, you will continue the story from the two missions. However, to get to mission 3, you will have to complete missions 1 and 2 first. Mission 1 is also the place where you unlock Ash Williams.

If you need help with completing mission 1, you can check this guide on How to Unlock Ash Williams in Evil Dead: The Game. Here is how you can easily complete mission 3 to unlock Amanda Fisher.

How to Complete the Mission to Unlock Amanda Fisher

First, you need to select mission 3 from the mission menu. Starting the mission, you will spawn on a field with a red mark indicating the location of a car. This is also a timed mission, so you have to be fast to complete the mission in time. Running out of time will fail the mission.

Because of the timer, it may be tempting to get into the car and run to the objective. But that way, you will make the mission a lot harder for yourself. So before getting into the car, make sure to loot all the buildings to get armor and healing items. You will need to go to three points and kill all the enemies to complete this mission.

First Point

Once you are done with looting, get in the car and go to the first point. Enemies will start to spawn once you are on the first point. Start shooting as soon as they spawn in. Here you need to kill 12 enemies to complete the objective. There is also some building close to the first point. You will find more ammo in there if you run out of ammo.

Second Point

After you are done with the first point, go back to your car and drive to the 2nd point. Just before you reach the 2nd point, you will find a shed with different melee weapons and ammo. Make sure to pick up some ammo and a melee weapon.

Now trigger the 2nd point and use the shed as a cover. You can also rotate around the shed to avoid getting hit. At this point, you will need to kill 9 enemies. So positing yourself and shoot the enemies to kill them. Don’t be afraid to use your melee weapon if they get near.

Also, some enemies will explode after you kill them. So get away from them if you kill them with your melee weapon. When you are done with the 2nd point, get back into your car and head toward the 3rd and final point.

Third Point

Don’t bother to check the buildings on your way to the 3rd point. They don’t contain anything. However, you will find areas with loot near the 3rd point. So before triggering the 3rd point, make sure to loot all the ammo, armor, and health around it.

The 3rd point only has 4 enemies, but one of them is a mini-boss that can zap you with electricity. The mini-boss will spawn first. So start shooting as soon as he spawns. The other three enemies will be normal fodder types.

So as soon as other enemies spawn, shift your target to the smaller ones. Killing the smaller enemies will ensure you don’t get hit by an enemy while healing. In addition, this will make the encounter easier for you. Once you kill all four enemies on the 3rd point, the mission will be complete.

By completing the 3rd mission, you have unlocked Amanda Fisher. You can now select her in multiplayer from the character selection menu.

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