How to Unlock Ash Williams in Evil Dead: The Game

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By Tanim Hasan
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Evil Dead: The Game features many characters from different shows. One of them is the Ash Williams, who shows up pretty much in all the Evil Dead franchise. Here is how you can unlock and play Ash Williams in Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game takes the characters and settings from the original franchise and expands upon it. You can either play as a survivor or the demon in this game. Evil Dead: The Game has characters from all the Evil Dead franchises that you can play.

Other than the multiplayer mode, there is also a single-player mode you can play. While it is not a fully-fledged campaign, it does offer some lore and background on the game’s settings.

One of the bigger things the game offer is different playable characters across different Evil Dead series. And one of the iconic characters in the series is Ash Williams. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up the game and play with him. Here is how you can unlock Ash Williams.

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Unlock Ash Williams in Evil Dead: The Game

Many items in the game can be unlocked by playing single-player missions. Ash Williams is one of them. To unlock him, you need to complete “Mission 1: If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw”. In this mission, you get to play Ash Williams. Here you will also get to familiarize yourself with his ability and weapons. Here is how you can start and complete the mission.

How to Complete the Mission to Unlock Ash Williams

First, enter the mission from the “Missions” menu. The mission we need is called “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw.” The mission will start with Ash Williams killing his possessed girlfriend, Linda.

After starting the mission, the first thing you have to do is explore the area to get as much supply as possible. Having a good amount of supply makes these missions a lot easier. After checking the area, you need to head to the Bronson Caves to search for Linda’s Necklace as per the objective.

Go to the cave, and you will encounter your first mini-boss there. Kill the boss and grab Linda’s Necklace from inside the cave. There is also a new shotgun you can find. So grab that too.

Now, you need to find a shovel. To get that, head to the Circus Cages. You will find the Shovel inside the house. But be aware that the area is full of ambush traps. So take your time to deal with them. After that, go inside the house and pick up the shovel. You can also find a purple chainsaw in the area. So pick that up for more damage.

Now that you have the shovel, time to move on to the next area. Keep an eye on the purple fear meter under the health bar. If it gets too high, you will get possessed, and the mission will fail. Lighting up the bonfire locations and stopping on them helps eliminate the fear. So make sure to do that if the fear meter is high.

Then, head to Linda’s Grave to fight another mini-boss. Taking out the mini-boss will make your character dig up Linda’s head from the grave. Once you get the Head, you will be directed by the objective to go to the Payne Manor. There aren’t any mission-related items there, but the Manor has a fair amount of supplies.

Payne Manor has some tough enemies, but you can find a legendary chainsaw and shotgun inside the Manor, which will make the final fight a lot easier. So search the Manor and grab the upgraded weapons.

After grabbing the weapons from the Manor, head back to the cabin and locate the Workshed behind it. Here you will fight the final boss of the mission. Defeat the final boss and place Linda’s head on the vice to complete the mission.

Completing this mission will reward you with Ash Williams. After that, you can choose him from the menu when playing the multiplayer survivors vs. demons mode.

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