Trek to Yomi: How to Get All Endings

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Trek to Yomi has three main endings depending on the choice you make. But there is also a secret ending that you can get early in the game. Here, we will show you how you can get all four ending in Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi is a side-scroller action game with a great story about love and revenge. The combat is fairly simple in this game, but the story grips you as you play the game. Here you play as Hiroki, who is set on the adventure to kill the warlord and get his revenge.

Even though the main story does not change that much, there are multiple endings to the game. These endings give you different cutscenes depending on your chosen path during gameplay. Also, they decide the motivation for killing your final opponent, aka the warlord Kagerou.

There is a total of three endings, and they do not need any extra steps to unlock. Other than that, there is also a secret ending you can get. But getting that is way harder than the main three ones. Here is a guide on how to get all four ending in Trek to Yomi.

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Trek to Yomi: Main Three Endings

The main three endings are surprisingly simple to get. Throughout the game, there are a few paths you need to choose from. But in the end, they do not matter. The only path that does matter is the last one, located in “Chapter 6”.

Depending on the path you choose in chapter 6, you will get different endings. This is also the last chapter of the game where you fight the main boss. And before you go for the boss, you will need to choose one of the three options that are presented to you.

three choice in Trek to Yomi
Credit: Devolver Digital

Ending 1: Path of Love Ending (Good/Normal Ending)

If you choose the “Choose Love” option, you will get the “Path of Love” ending. This is where you return to Yomi after defeating the warlord and choose to live with Akio. You stay with your love and leave your people behind. So, this is considered a good ending.

Ending 2: Path of Duty Ending (Good/Normal Ending)

If you choose the “Choose Duty” option, you will get the “Path of Duty” ending. Here, he chooses to leave Akio and return to the world of living to lead his people. You end up leaving your love for your people. So, this is also considered a good ending.

Ending 3: Path of Fury (Bad Ending)

If you choose the “Reject Gift” option, you will get the “Path of Fury” ending. This is considered the bad ending of the game. In this ending, you refuse both love and duty and take on his position as the new leader of the military after killing the warlord. You leave the rest of your life warring and killing people.

Trek to Yomi: Secret Ending

To get the secret ending in Trek to Yomi, you will have to defeat the boss in chapter 3. This is an early ending. Here you face off with Kagerou, who is also the final boss of the game. In this fight, you are supposed to lose to Kagerou.

This is a scripted loss that you have to take in order to continue the story of the game. So naturally, he is very overpowered for your level and capable of killing you very easily.

However, it is possible to beat him in this encounter. But you only get one try to do this. If you cannot kill him on your first try, he will win, and the story will continue.

Unless you want to play the first two chapters again to duel him in chapter 3, you need to create a backup save file before the fight. Use the backup save to overwrite and retry the fight as many times as needed if you really want to get the secret ending.

Defeating him will get you the achievement “Early End” and unlock the secret ending.

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