How To Solve Queen’s Tomb Puzzle in Enshrouded

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Keen Games

Queen’s Tomb is one of many puzzles you will encounter in Enshrouded. Here is how to solve it.

Enshrouded is one of those crafting survival games that have popped up recently. Here, the world is all covered up by this mysterious shroud, and you, as the main character, are locked away until you become strong enough to save the world in the future. They even call you a flameborn; sounds quite fancy.

So, at the start of the game, it’s pretty much like any other crafting survival game. You wake up, wander around, and gather materials to build up your base. But here’s the kicker, the world is shrouded and you can’t hang out in there for too long, which makes things way more challenging.

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Now, on top of the combat and exploration, the game throws in some neat puzzles. Like, there are these dungeons with their own puzzles to crack. And solving these dungeons will reward you big time. One of them is called Queen’s Tomb, and in this Enshrouded guide, we’ll show you how to solve that puzzle. Hop in!

Queen’s Tomb Puzzle in Enshrouded

Queen’s Tomb has four different buttons you need to hit to unlock the reward. These buttons are carefully hidden all over the dungeon. You will need a bow and some arrows to deal the some of the enemies and buttons for the area. Also, 2-3 lockpicks will be necessary depending on how much exploration you want to do. So make sure to bring the right gear before you head in.

Button 1

After entering the tomb, clear any enemy you see and head up on this platform using a double jump. This is the left platform right after you enter the tomb dungeon.

Credit: Keen Games

Then continue to move forward and take a turn to the right so that you can see the main corridor that you entered from. If you look up from the ledge, you will see a button. Use your bow to shoot the button thus completing the first step to solving the puzzle.

Credit: Keen Games

Button 2

Button 2 is pretty simple. When you enter the dungeon, you go down a stair first. So stay on the stairs and look to your right. You should be able to see a button from there. If you are having trouble locating the area, look for a magma flow at the bottom surface. From there, you can locate the position that your character should be in. Once in position, use the bow to shoot the button.

Credit: Keen Games

If you cannot shoot from there, you can also get down using your glider and hit the button manually. But then you will have a timer to get back since you will be in the shrouded area.

Button 3

For button 3, we will be going through the left entrance which is right in front of the reward chamber. After going through this door, you will see a metal gate which you need to unlock using a lockpick.

Credit: Keen Games

After going through the metal gate, use the chain-like structure on your left to climb up the wall. Once up, you should be able to see the button on the other side. Here you can try to hit the button using your bow or you can use the hook on the roof to swing across the gap to hit the button manually.

Credit: Keen Games

Button 4

For the final button, you will need to get into the shrouded area. Remember the magma flow we found for an earlier button, get down to the shrouded area using your glider, and follow the flow until you reach this platform which you can go up.

Credit: Keen Games

Once up the platform, you will see this explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel with an arrow to explode it. This will reveal a path for you to follow. Follow the path upstairs and you will find the final button you need to hit.

Credit: Keen Games

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