All Resources in Enshrouded and Where to Find Them

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is a complete list of all the resources available in Enshrouded and how to get them.

Enshrouded is the newest survival action RPG game developed by Keen Games. Like other RPGs, resources are crucial for players to survive in the game. They can use them to craft helpful items and enhance their chances of survival. Enshrouded offers a wide variety of resources, so players will need to explore extensively to collect them all.

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In Enshrouded, you’ll come across three main types of resources. Some can be found as drops around the map, while others require crafting using various methods. And of course, there are those that can only be obtained by defeating certain enemies. Resource collecting is one of the challenges beginners often face when starting their journey in Enshrouded. So, here’s a list of all the resources in Enshrouded and how you can find them. Happy hunting!

Enshrouded: All Resources and How to Find Them

ResourceWhere to find
Alchemical BaseAlchemy Station
AloeFrom Aloe Plants at Nomad Highlands
Aureolion FlowerSpringlands
Ammonia GlandGigantic Mushrooms at Shroud and 4-legged red enemies at Kindlewastes
Animal FurrKill large animals
AntisepticAlchemy Station
Azure RussulaRevelwood and Shroud
Bell PepperAbandoned Farms at Nomad Highlands
BonesKill large animals
BonemealProduced by the Grinding Stone from Bones
Black PowderLaboratory
Blue FabricNomad Highlands and Kindlewastes
Bug DustKill bugs in Shroud
ChamomileChamomile plants at Revelwood
CharcoalProduced by the Charcoal Kiln from the Wood Logs
Critter PartsKill small bugs at Shroud
Desert FlowerDesert Flower plants at Nomad Highlands
Dried FurMix Animal Fur with Salt and dry using the Drying Rack
Enshrouded OilShroud
Fertilized Farm SoilUse items dropped by animals on tilled soil
Fell Monstrosity HeadDefeat Monstrosity at Ancient Spire in Nomad Highlands
Fell Sicklescythe HeadDefeat Sicklescythe in Suntemp;les and Elixir Wells in Kindlewastes
Fell Thunderbrute HeadDefeat Thunderbrute in the Elixir Well
Fell Wispwyvern HeadDefeat Wispwyvern in Pikemea’s Reach
Fired BrickForge
Forest BeetRevelwood
Fossilized Bone DustProduced by Grinding Stone from Fossilized Bone
Fire FlyFound during nighttime
FlaxFlax plants at Revelwood
FlourProduced by the Grinding Stones from Wheat Grains
GooAlchemist NPC
GlassPut Sand and Charcoal in Smelter
Glow DustAlchemist NPC
Green FabricNomad Highlands and Kindlewastes
HazelnutHazelnut plants at Revelwood
HoneyBee Hives
IndigoIndigo plants at Revelwood
LeatherCrafted at Tanning Station using Dried Fur, Salt, and Ammonia Gland
Lump of ClayClay Veins at Revelwood
Metal ScrapsDismantle metal objects
Metal SheetsBlacksmith NPC
Mint Mushroom MeatGiant Green Mushrooms at Shroud
NailsBlacksmith NPC
NitrateAlchemy Station
Old BooksRandom locations around the map
Palm Wood LogsPalm Trees at Kindlewastes
Plant FiberSmall Plants in all locations
Poison SackSalt Mines in Springlands and Low Meadows
Purple BerriesBerry Bushes at Springlands
Red FabricCrafted from Plant Fibre. Also found as ground loot.
Red MushroomSpringlands
ResinTrees in all locations
RooibosRooibos plants at Nomad Highlands
SaffronSaffron plants at Nomad Highlands
SaltSalt Mines in Springlands and Low Meados
Sage LeavesSage plants at Nomad Highlands
Shroud WoodTrees inside Shroud
Shroud CoreShroud crystals
Shroud SackShroud trees
Stinging NettleStinging Nettle plants at Revelwood
StrawWheat Plants
StringCrafted from Plant Fibre. Also found as a ground loot.
SparkKill Electric Bug or Fell Thunderbrute
Sugar CaneSugar Cane plants Nomad Highlands
TomatoAbandoned farms at Springlands
TarCharcoal Kiln, Fireplace, and Campfire
TwigsSmaller Plants and Trees in all locations
WaterAbandoned Villages
WaxDestroying Bee Hives
Wheat GrainsWheat plants at Nomad Highlands
Wood LogsTrees at any location except Shroud
Wood PlanksLoom
Wood AcidShroud
Yellow FabricNomad Highlands and Kindlewastes
Yucca FruitPalm Trees at Kindlewastes

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