Destiny 2: How to Obtain Enhancement Core

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Enhancement Cores are one of the essential crafting materials in Destiny 2, used for weapons, armor, Ghost Shells, Enhancement Prisms, and more. Here’s a guide on how to obtain them in the game.

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In Destiny 2, Enhancement Cores are the core part of upgrading weapons and armor in the game. Enhancement Cores are necessary for upgrading armor tiers to increase each piece’s energy capacity and build it toward Masterwork quality.

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Players can also spend Enhancement Cores on Upgrade Modules used to infuse a piece of gear with the power score of another item. The Enchantment core can be spent on Enhancement Prisms to forge Masterwork quality armor pieces. Players can purchase these items with Legendary Shards, Glimmer, and various Planetary Materials.

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Unsurprisingly, Beyond Light expansion pack brought us plenty of Enhancement Cores. Virtually every activity in the game provides Enhancement Cores if you use certain mods or buffs, or you can buy them straight out from in-game vendors or infamy rank rewards.

How To Obtain Enhancement Cores

Players can earn Enhancement Core from various methods in Destiny 2 that range from dismantling gear to playing certain activities. Here is every way you can obtain Enhancement Cores as of “The Witch Queen DLC“:

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Banshee-44 Daily Bounties

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Players can earn Enchantment Core by completing various bounties. Banshee-44’s daily Gunsmith bounties provide Enhancement Cores upon completion. Both bounty types grant a single Enhancement Core upon completion.

These bounties are easy to do, requiring you to land multiple kills with a specific weapon or damage type. The best part is that you can complete them daily, each per character.

Obtaining Cores From Reputation

Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit reward you when you reach a certain rank. Fynch, the planetary vendor for Savathun’s Throne World, can also give Enhancement Cores when you reach certain ranks with them.

You’ll earn a reputation with that activity’s respective vendor by completing or playing specific activities. Earn enough reputation to increase your rank with vendors. It will unlock new rewards from the vendor.

These rewards range from cosmetics to Masterwork materials. One of them is Enhancement Cores. The first time you rank up with a vendor in a season, you’ll be able to earn three Enhancement Cores. You can reset that rank from the vendors within that season.

Resetting levels with vendors will grant another three prisms if you can rank up within the same season. This way, you can earn a maximum of six Prisms in a given season.

Obtaining Cores From Activities

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Equipping Lesser Core Harvest mod on your Ghost Shell is arguably the easiest way of earning Enhancement Cores. But you can only install this mod on Masterworked Ghosts. These mods will allow strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible, and Gambit matches to drop Enhancement Cores when you kill bosses or Guardians.

For an Efficient method of enchantment core farming, you can choose between completing Adept or Hero-tier Nightfalls, elected difficulty Empire Hunts, Legend or Master-tier Lost Sectors, or increasing their reputation with certain vendors.

Hero Nightfalls is the best method of farming Enhancement Cores as they have matchmaking, utilize minimal modifiers, and take little time to complete. Be sure to kill as many Champions in the Nightfall as possible to maximize your rewards.

Obtaining Cores By Dismantling Gear

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Tier four or above weapon will provide an Enhancement Core when dismantled. If you dismantle higher-tier weapons, you will get more enchantment cores. But you can only get a maximum of seven enchantment core by dismantling a masterwork weapon.

You will get only one enchantment prism by dismantling a tier seven armor, whereas you will get seven if you dismantle a tier ten armor. Dismantled Ghost Shells will provide up to four Enhancement cores based on their Tier.

You can convert Enchantment Prisms to Enchantment Core if you have so many enactment prisms but so little enchantment core. Look for blue-quality armor, increase its level to eight, then dismantle the armor piece to get six cores. This method is the most efficient way to convert your enchantment prisms into enchantment cores.

Obtaining enchantment cores by Casual Farming

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This method is the simplest method to farm Enchantment Cores. You only need e level four clan and three characters for this method. Fortunately, you don’t need a high-level character for this method. So all you’re going to do is complete your clan weekly, then speak with Hawthorne.

You will get seven Enhancement Cores per character. Do this three times, and you’ll be able to collect 21 Enhancement Cores consistently each week without any hardship. You can complete Hawthorne’s weekly by earning Clan XP.

Completing any activity on your Director will grant Clan XP. You need 5,000 XP for this challenge, which shouldn’t take long if you’re farming Vanguard Strikes or the Crucible.

Obtaining enchantment cores by Hardcore Farming

This method is for those hardcore players who don’t mind grinding for the loot. You need to get your daily from banshee44. Head to the daily Legendary Lost Sector. Farm the Lost Sector with load-outs that match Banshee’s bounty requirements.

Once all bounties are finished, switch characters. The bounties alone will grant four Enhancement Cores per character, meaning you’ll have 12 Enhancement Cores if you do this on all three of your characters. You can get 12 core each day from this method.

Obtain enchantment core by Vault Cleaning And Matterweave Usage

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Clean out your Vault, then pop any Finest Matterweaves you have in your inventory. Legendary and Exotic gear has a chance of dropping one Finest Matterweave when dismantled, a consumable that spawns an Enhancement Core when you kill a major or boss.

Step by step guide on how to get Enhancement Cores from this method:

  • At first, travel to the Moon. Then, head to any zone besides Sanctuary and Look for a Hive chest with runes engraved on the front.
  • Nearby will be symbols you can shoot. Damage the incorrect symbol.
  • A Hive Knight will spawn near you. Kill them to proc your Finest Matterweave, dropping an Enhancement Core on death.
  • Repeat until you’ve used every Matterweave in your inventory.

These are all the ways a player can obtain enchantment core in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen DLC.

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