How To Mine Obsidian in Minecraft

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Credit; Mojang Studios

Obsidian is one of the toughest blocks in Minecraft. Here is a small guide on how to farm them.

There are more than 800 different types of blocks in Minecraft, and each block is unique in terms of its rarity and how players can obtain them. While most blocks in Minecraft can be farmed, other blocks can be crafted in the game.

However, some blocks cannot be obtained or farmed with tools. That’s because some of these blocks are difficult to break and require special tools to farm.

Obsidian is one of the most important blocks in Minecraft, but it can be difficult to mine them with regular tools. Obsidian can be found naturally in all three dimensions in Minecraft, and it is created when water flows over a lava source.

Players need obsidian blocks to make nether portals or create unique-looking structures in Minecraft.

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This guide will show you how to farm obsidian in Minecraft.

Steps to Mining Obsidian Blocks in Minecraft

Obsidian has high hardness and blast resistance, making it immune to explosions in Minecraft. Because of its hardness, farming Obsidians will take time with a regular iron pickaxe, and you will need a diamond pickaxe or something better.

Make a Diamond Pickaxe

First, you need to craft a Diamond pickaxe from the Crafting table, which you can use to mine Obsidian. You can mine obsidian blocks using an iron pickaxe, but it will take nearly 50 seconds to mine just one block.

With a Diamond pickaxe, you can mine an obsidian block in less than 10 seconds. With an enchanted diamond pickaxe or a Netherite pickaxe, it will take a little time to farm obsidian blocks.

Crafting a Diamon Pickaxe | Credit: Mojang Studios

You can mine Diamonds in Minecraft when you reach 8 to 14 on the Y-axis underground. You can also get diamonds from shipwrecks in the ocean, mineshafts, or Desert Pyramids in Minecraft. To make a Diamond pickaxe, you need three Diamonds and two wooden sticks to craft.

Mining Obsidian

Find a lava pool on the surface, which can be naturally generated in the Overworld, or you can find lava pools when you mine inside a ravine in Minecraft. Make sure you have a water bucket with you to create obsidian blocks.

Lava Pool in Minecraft | CREDIT: MOJANG STUDIOS
Lava Pool in Minecraft | CREDIT: MOJANG STUDIOS

When you find a lava pool, use a water bucket to pour water on the side of the lava pool, and it will create obsidian blocks. Use the diamond pickaxe you crafted earlier to start breaking the obsidian blocks and farm as much as you require.

Making Obsidian Blocks | Credit: Mojang Studios
Making Obsidian Blocks | Credit: Mojang Studios

Players need obsidian blocks to make Nether portals or use them as decoration in Minecraft. If you are making a Nether portal, you will need a minimum of 14 obsidian blocks but can use just 10 blocks to create the portal to be efficient.

Making a Nether portal | Credit: Mojang Studios
Making a Nether portal | Credit: Mojang Studios

You can use Efficiency enchantments on your diamond pickaxe from the Enchantment table, which will let you mine obsidian blocks even faster.

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