How To Make A Compass In Minecraft

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Credit: Mojang Studios

Here is a small guide on how to craft a compass in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox survival game released by Mojang Studios where players have to focus on creating various structures, crafting items, and surviving in the large open world. Because of the vastness of the Minecraft world, you will inevitably become lost in the wilderness if you don’t remember where your base is located.

You can make a compass in Minecraft that will always point to your spawn point regardless of where you set your respawn point using a bed. The compass will automatically point in the direction of your world spawn after you craft it, but you can change its direction by crafting a lodestone.

You can find a compass naturally in three naturally generated locations: shipwreck chests, stronghold library chests, and village cartographer chests. Out of these three locations, the Cartographer villagers’ chests have the highest chance of having a compass.

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Here is a small guide on how you can craft a compass in Minecraft.

Creating a Compass in Minecraft

You need four iron ingots and one redstone dust to craft a compass. Luckily, you can mine both iron ore and Redstone in mineshafts or underground in the overworld.

That said, you can find iron ore in most caves in Minecraft. However, you must go deep within a cave to find Redstone. But if you are lucky, you will find iron ores and redstone together in deep caves.

As for mining these resources, you will need a stone pickaxe for mining iron ores and an iron pickaxe to mine a Redstone block for redstone dust.

Iron ores and Redstone blocks | Credit: Mojang Studios
Iron ores and redstone blocks | Credit: Mojang Studios

Mine the iron ores and smelt them using a furnace to receive iron ingots. You will need precisely four iron ingots to craft a compass. Place the iron ores in the furnace and smelt them using coal or other materials as fuel.

Smelting Iron ores | Credit: Mojang Studios
Smelting Iron ores | Credit: Mojang Studios

After you get the iron ingots, go to a crafting table to make the compass. Place one redstone dust in the center grid of the crafting table and place the four iron ingots above, below, and on both sides of the Redstone dust. After placing the items on the crafting table, you will get your compass.

Making a Compass | Credit: Mojang Studios
Making a Compass | Credit: Mojang Studios

Once you’re done crafting the compass, put it in your inventory, and it will point to the world spawn point by default. You don’t have to equip the compass; you can keep it in the hot bar, and you can see the dial of the compass indicating your spawn point. You can also use a compass with a Lodestone to track important points of interest.

Using a compass in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios
using a compass in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios

This is how you can craft and use a compass in Minecraft.

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