How To Build Perfectly Circular Structures in Minecraft

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Mojang Studios

Making a circle shape in Minecraft is challenging, but it is possible to build it. Here is how you can build circular structures in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival sandbox game released by Mojang Studios, which focuses more on exploration, building different structures, and surviving in the world. Players can get creative on Minecraft and create beautiful buildings and structures in the game.

Even though everything in Minecraft is shaped like a square box, building a circular design could be difficult for most players. Still, there are ways in Minecraft where you can make a circular structure.

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Here is a small guide on how to build a perfectly circular structure in Minecraft.

Roadmap to Building Perfectly Circular Structures

The first thing you should do before building a circle is determine its diameter. Diameter is the distance measured from the end of the circle through the farthest point on the other end. In Minecraft, building circles with an odd diameter is easier so that the single block can be the centre point of the structure.

diameters for circles in minecraft
Diameters for circles in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios

For this guide, I will build a circle with a 17-block diameter, and the block in the middle can be the centre point. First, place 17 blocks down, and the ninth block can serve as the centre point for the circle.

Step 1: setting the center point of the circle
setting the centre point of the circle | Credit: Mojang Studios

From the centre block, place seven blocks on each side of the structure, making an ‘X’ or ‘+’ like shape.

Creating the '+' Shape
Creating the ‘+’ Shape | Credit: Mojang Studios

Place two blocks on each side of the tips to make them a 5-block long, making them look like a ‘T’ on every side.

Creating the outer line of the circle | Credit: Mojang Studios

After placing the blocks, place two more blocks on the sides on the edge to finish the outer line of the circle.

Connecting the outer line of the circle
Connecting the outer line of the circle | Credit: Mojang Studios

Finish the corners by putting a mini ‘L’ of 3 blocks long on the outer side to complete the circle.

Finishing the circle's outer line
Finishing the circle’s outer line | Credit: Mojang Studios

When you finish the circle, you can fill the middle part of the structure with more blocks to create a platform to build or stand on. You can use the platform as a base for building a structure or tower.

Complete Building the circle | Credit: Mojang Studios

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