How to Teleport in Minecraft

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here is everything you need to know about teleporting in Minecraft.

Minecraft is Mojang Studio’s widely acclaimed 3D sandbox game that took the world by storm in 2009. Minecraft, unlike most other games out there, has no set goal and can be played however you like! Explore the world, collect resources, craft all kinds of equipment and items, fight hostile mobs, and gain experience all while managing your health and hunger.

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The world of Minecraft is beyond comparison. Here, the terrain is endless as the world is procedurally generated. Also, there are several difficulty options in the Survival Mode. You can either decide to completely turn off hostile mob spawns or you can also make it so that you only have one life!

Minecraft’s world might be sometimes too daunting to navigate. Therefore, there is a teleport feature built into the game if you have the option of teleporting on, or if the online server you’re playing on has it enabled. If you wanna know everything about this feature then you came to the right place.

How You Can Teleport in Minecraft

As mentioned, the Minecraft world is massive. A world stretches for about 27 million blocks in each direction. So travelling huge distances can be a major problem for anyone, specially when you die and your spawn point is a couple of thousand blocks away from where you died.

Luckily, if you have the teleport cheat activated, you can circumvent this problem. Lets get to know how.

Teleporting Yourself In Minecraft

Assuming you have the teleport option turned on, all you need to do is to press ‘t’ on your keyboard or the right D-pad button on your controller to open the chat menu.

Once you opened the chat menu, type “/tp” or “/teleport”. Then you need to put in the exact XYZ coordinates of where you want to be teleported to.

How to teleport in minecraft

If you didn’t know, each block in Minecraft has its own unique set of XYZ coordinates. To find the coordinates of where you’re currently standing on, press F3 on your keyboard (Java Edition) or go to settings and toggle on Show Coordinates (Bedrock Edition). And for consoles, go to your settings, then select Game and turn on the Show Coordinates toggle switch.

How to show coordinates in minecraft

Therefore assuming you have the coordinates of the location you want to be teleported to, just put in the XYZ values after “/tp” and you’ll be teleported there within an instant. For example, if you wanted to be teleported to X 2300 Y 34 Z 3000 then type “/tp 2300 34 300”.

How to Teleport Someone Else

The way you can teleport a friend is not that much different from what you already know. To teleport others, all you need to do is type “/tp PlayerName XYZ coordinates”. So if you have a friend who’s in game name is kevin123 then to teleport him to X 2300 Y 34 Z 3000, all you have to type is: “/tp kevin123 2300 34 3000”

And if you want to teleport yourself to kevin123, just type “/tp kevin123”

Teleporting in The Nether or The End

Teleporting in the nether or in the end requires you to type a different set of commands.

If you want to use teleport in the nether you have to type “/execute in The_Nether run tp XYZ”

And if you want to teleport in the end you have to type “/execute in The_End run tp XYZ”

As before, you have to replace the XYZ coordinates with the coordinates you want to be teleported to.

Extra Tips

  • Be careful not to mess up the Y coordinates. As teleporting yourself or a friend into solid ground will damage and kill the player within a few short seconds. Or, teleporting too high up will cause the player to die from fall damage.
  • You can also teleport a certain number of blocks from your current location by typing “/tp ~X ~Y ~Z”. For example if you type “/tp ~50 ~50 ~10”. It will teleport you 50 blocks east, 50 blocks up, and 10 blocks south from your current location.

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Arnan Bonny is a Guide writer at GameRiv.