How To Highlight All Interactable: Diablo 4

Abu Bakar Karim
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How To Highlight All Interactable: Diablo 4

You might want to know how you can highlight all interactable in Diablo 4 in case you miss any important items on your journey.

Blizzard Entertainment has been entertaining us for quite a long since. And with this recent full release of Diablo 4, the journey you will embrace is immersive through this vast open world. Diablo franchise has already been bagging us with its richly detailed environments, diverse characters, and captivating terrain. Apart from all these, the dark and chaotic realm offers the players with a variety of items and arrays of objects. Objects that can easily overshadow the intractable items in your surrounding. And if you are a bit careless, you might be losing a good amount of goodies.

Needless to say, it becomes a crucial issue to miss out on items hidden from plain eyesight. Not to mention the value of these items and the value it puts on with the overall game experience. Well, not to add more, but it is indeed quite easy for these interactable items to blend into this environment. What will be the most helpful thing right now is to highlight these interactables in any way so that we have to worry about something else. In other words, there are lots of other things to spend your stress on. 

Without further ado, let’s find out if the Devs have left any sort of clue or any type of hidden in-game mechanics to deal with this issue. Hop in!

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How To Highlight All Interactable in Diablo 4

Hold your horses for a bit, as there is about to be a load of frustration. You got it, there is no Valhalla, and there is no way to highlight all interactable in Diablo 4. What you can do is, hover your cursor on the interactable to see it get highlighted. In shorter words, you can see only one highlighted item at once. Well, at least the light works fine, even though the switches don’t. 

Despite filling the in-game menu with abundant ways of game customization, Devs did not know how to pull the trigger. However, you still might find settings for the emote wheel and target lock, but no, not for all the intractable. However, we are still hoping that the Devs will pull the leftover string to start working once again on this vital issue. Hope, we will soon get to see the end of it.

Change Highlight Colors

Behold, the one shining beacon in the realm of Diablo 4, to highlight one item at once. To bask in its radiance, head to the Gameplay tab in the game settings. From there, scroll down until you find the Highlights section. Here, you will see some options with boxes to check. Check the Display Player Highlight, click on Save Changes at the bottom, and return to your den. 

Moreover, you can change the highlighting colors for the NPCs, enemies, and items. Choose any color you fancy for these options and save the changes. And that is all you can do for now. Cheerio!

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