How To Earn Renown: Diablo 4

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How To Earn Renown: Diablo 4

You might want to know all about this Renown system in Diablo 4.

In the Diablo franchise, gamers strive to reach the peak rather than completely demolishing everything on their way. You level up, you build your class with the best build out there, and suddenly, the process gets slower. To be more precise, even leveling up has a Level where you have to put a hold on your item grinding and level boosting.

Now to resolve this issue, Diablo 4 has introduced us to a Renown system. This is basically a reputation system where you can earn Renown as you gradually explore the whole region. And yes, the activities for this Renown earning process are different than the others. Complete a task and get rewarded with Renown points. And with enough Renown points, earn additional skill points and valued items; moreover, a potion upgrade may get available. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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How to Earn Renown Points in Diablo 4

Complete Side Quests

Check out for the Blue exclamation (!) mark on the map. These side quests have quite different stories to tell than the others. Moreover, the rewards will be worth it. Start any quests, and you will be rewarded with 15 Renown Points upon completion.

Complete Dungeons

Clearing out a dungeon should not be an issue after all this time. Check out for the selected dungeons for Renown points. Slay the foes, complete the area, and bag 20 Renown Points.

Altairs of Lilith

There are abundant Altairs of Lilith to interact with in the whole region. Search for one, interact, and grab easy 5 Renown points.

Unlock Waypoints 

By this time, you have already observed the waypoints markers. These points also indicate the ways to fast travel. Unlocking these waypoints not only saves your time but also will reward you with 10 Renown Points.

Liberate Strongholds

Liberating strongholds will give you the most points out of them. However, this is a challenging task as well. You have to complete particular objectives in the meantime as well. Prepare with enough potions, liberate one, and you will bag about 100 Renown Points.

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