How To Disable Chat: Diablo 4

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How To Disable Chat: Diablo 4

Learn how to disable chat in Diablo 4.

To experience the true essence of Diablo, nothing can come close to playing co-op. Slam the servers, complete quests, slay down fierce-looking characters, and get skilled in a diverse set of skills together with your allies. On top of that, use the chat feature to get connected and communicate with your friends constantly. You can also customize your chat appearance and preferences if you fancy.

However, this chat feature might sometime be quite a pain in Diablo 4. The stream of texts might even reduce your field of view. Which, in the meantime, can even distract you from the plot. Well, to resolve this issue, all you need is a bit of twerking in the game settings here and there. And to get you through that, this guide will be your manual. Hop in!

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How to Disable Chat in Diablo 4

Without any doubt, you can turn off and disable the chat feature in Diablo 4. However, there are some catches. We will discuss that later on. First, let’s give you a quick tour to disable chat:

  • At first, open the in-game menu.
  • After that, select Options and look for the Social Tabl.
  • Here, you will see Two options: Chat Settings and Chat Bubbles. Under the Chat Bubbles, disable the ones you need to get rid of from your screen. Or better, adjust the settings to your preferences. 
  • After you have made the necessary changes, save the settings and return to your quests.

And that is how you just minimized your distractions and can now focus on slaying your foes more efficiently. And if you feel like the room is too cold, retake the steps and make changes where you need to. Note that disabling chat can be a bit problematic as the quests in the dungeon need constant communication. Moreover, you will be left out of the plan and the strategy development with your allies. Other than that, go crazy.

How to Disable Clan Chat

Unfortunately, we have to draw the line here. There are some features you cannot get rid of even if you have disabled them in the game menu. These are Clan, Whisper, and Party Chat. Regardless of disabling them over and over, these ruthless features will not let go of your tail.

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