How to get Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Learn where to find Lily of the Valley and how to use them to progress in Rogue Legacy 2

Lily of the Valley is essential if you want to complete A Gift in White and head through the doors to the Conservatory. This is a special item: a Relic, which you can consider an important quest item, located in Kerguelen Plateau. To advance further into this area and access the boss, you need to obtain two Lily of the Valley from the three obtainable in the game.

This guide will walk you through how to find the Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2 if you are lost in this ice world.

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Finding the Lily of the Valley

The best way to start your quest for the Lilies is to unlock the double jump skill first. Although this is not a requirement in-game, Double Jump makes things easier as you can then complete this quest easily with any class in Rogue Legacy 2. Otherwise, you need classes with special skills that let you access harder-to-reach heights or areas. To learn you to unlock Double Jump, you can follow this guide here. Secondly, to find the Lilies yourself, look for the purple question marks on the map.

First Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

The first Lily of the Valley flower is located in the tall room with a purple question mark. Reaching here is quite easy, but you have to time your jumps because of the spikes at the bottom. Drop down the plank, and aim your landing at the torch. Spin kick on it to gain a bit of verticality and dash through the spikes.

If you waste too much time after spin kicking, you might dash into the spikes. Here, you can easily double jump or use any other similar skills to obtain the Lily flower.

Second Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

The second Lily of the Valley is located in a rather simple area and on a ledge to the top right corner. You can easily double jump and dash to climb it and get the Lily.

Follow the image for an easier understanding.

Third Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

The third Lily of the Valley is in another tall area, even taller and vertical than the first one. Furthermore, this is too is an easy one to obtain.

Keep on heading right until you reach an arrow trap, shooting arrows upwards. Here spin kick on the arrows to gain some height, and dash to your left to land on a small ledge, as shown in the pictures. From the ledge, double jump and dash towards the top right corner to ledge another ledge where a Lily of the Valley is sitting, waiting to be taken by you.

That is how you obtain all the three Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2. Since you need two of them to advance to the boss door, you can choose any of the two options. The first and second ones are the easiest to get.

Now you can complete the ‘A Gift in White’ and open the doors to the Conservatory. A boss fight is waiting once you open the door. Keep yourselves well prepared and armed.

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