How To Unlock Double Jump In Rogue Legacy 2

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Cellar Door Games

Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2 are known as special skills that you can achieve by unlocking them at the right time of need. Double Jump is one of the coolest and most useful powers in Heirlooms. Through this guide, we will tell you about ways of unlocking Double Jump in Rogue Legacy 2!

Cellar Door Games has recently come up with a platform video game named Rogue Legacy 2, filled with dungeons, Heirlooms, exploration, and Metroidvania elements. You can fight with your swords and cast magic spells upon your enemies.

When you explore and find a new Heirloom and unlock it, you will have amazing powers such as air dash, spin kicks, scars, Double Jump, and much more! With these powers unlocked, you can successfully crush your enemies; the Double Jump is one of the most powerful abilities.

With Double Jump power unlocked, you can literally fight and kick off the water with this power being unlocked.

How to unlock Double Jump in Rogue Legacy 2
Credit: Cellar Door Games

Types Of Heirlooms

There are in total of Six Heirlooms, which are down below:

  • Anake’s Shawl: You will find this object in the Citadel Agartha biome. This Anake’s Shawl will help you dash in the air.
  • Aesop’s Tome: You can also find it in Citadel Agartha. Aesop’s Tome will help calm your nightmares and read memories.
  • Echo’s Boots: You can find these Boots after completing challenges at the Axis Mundi Tower entrance. With Echo’s Boost, you can kick off your enemies with immense power.
  • Aether’s Wings: You can get this in Kerguelen Plateau. The Aether’s Wings will unlock your abilities of “Double Jump”.
  • Void Bell: You will get this object in the Stygian Study. The Void Bell will help you go through the zero space where you have to cross the void area with a long distance.
  • Sun Lanturn: You must defeat the Irad Boss in the Sun Tower to get this Sun Lanturn at the entrance of Pishon Dry Lake.

How To Unlock Double Jump

Double Jump is one of the coolest and greatest abilities to fight enemies in Rogue Legacy 2. To unlock this ability, you must first complete collecting the first three heirlooms: Anake’s Shawl, Aesop’s Tome, and Echo’s Boots. You will have to face great challenges with bravery and complete those in Citadel Agartha and then in Axis Mundi Tower, where you have to confront Void Beasts.

After getting these three heirlooms, the fourth one is Aether’s Wings, where you will get the Double Jump ability after fighting off enemies. You should first travel to the northeast region where the Kerguelen Plateau is, and there you must search the Far Shores region.

You will find a lake in the Far Shores area, you must cross the bridge with your unlocked spin-kick ability, and there, you will see the Heirloom Statue. You may interact with it about the challenges of getting the Double Jump ability unlocked. But you cannot get to the Aether’s Wings as soon as you cross the bridge! You must complete some jumping puzzles as well as a few combat challenges to achieve Aether’s Wings.

After you successfully complete all the challenges thrown at you to gain the Double Jump ability, you will unlock this Heirloom and continue your journey in the gameplay with Double Jump power in Rogue Legacy 2.

How to unlock Double Jump in Rogue Legacy 2
Credit: Cellar Door Games

Best of luck, and live the Rogue Legacy!

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