How to Get All Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2

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Credit: Cellar Door Games

Find out how to acquire all seven of the family heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 is Cellar Door Games’ roguelike platform video game for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. In Rogue Legacy 2, you start off as a knight who has to explore dungeons and discover the hidden treasures within the kingdom. However, the game has a unique twist. With each death, you will have to continue your journey as the heir of your current character.

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Given your character resets every time you die, some of the upgrades you worked hard to get will be lost once your descendant takes over the journey. This is where family heirlooms come in to rescue you from this dilemma. Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2 are artifacts that allow you to make certain upgrades permanent for your heirs to carry over.

With that being said, something so functional is not as easy to acquire as you’ll face multiple challenges along the way. That’s because players are required to complete challenge rooms in order to get to where the family heirlooms are hidden. In this guide, we will be explaining where to find all heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2 and what they do.

All Heirloom Locations in Rogue Legacy 2

There are seven heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2 for you to find.

Ananke’s Shawl

Ananke's Shawl
Credit: Cellar Door Games

Ananke’s Shawl is the very first heirloom players will acquire in Rogue Legacy 2. This family heirloom can be found in the introduction phase of the game and is located on a statue in Citadel Agartha. To acquire the heirloom, you will need to interact with the statue and complete the trial.

Ananke’s Shawl heirloom grants players the Power of Momentum, which allows them to dash through the air and cross large gaps between two platforms. Moreover, it will also allow players to evade enemy attacks and is helpful against dodging attacks of large bosses. The skill tied to this heirloom is essential to get to the Estuary Lamech boss.

Aesop’s Tome

Aesop's Tome
Credit: Cellar Door Games

This is the second heirloom you’ll find in Rogue Legacy 2 which is also located in Citadel Agartha. You will encounter this statue soon after the first one. The Aesop’s Tome heirloom grants players the Power of Empathy, which allows them to read memory fragments and calm nightmares.

Although this won’t directly aid you in combat or exploration, it does have other uses. You will find certain specters floating around the world, and reading their memories may give you a lore trivia or reveal hints and secrets.

Echo’s Boots

Echo's Boots
Credit: Cellar Door Games

This is the third heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 and players can find this in Axis Mundi, which is situated east of Citadel Agartha. You will need the Echo’s Boots to progress further into the world. However, the artifact can be difficult to spot.

Once you reach the impassable pit at the beginning of Axis Mundi, head back to the previous room. Use your spin kick to climb a platform with lit torches. From there, keep making your way northwest of the map and take a left when you reach the next tower and you’ll find your statue.

The Echo’s Boots heirloom grants the Power of Resonance to players. With the help of this heirloom, players can perform Echo kicks, which are Spin kicks that affect resonant objects. You can interact with resonant platforms to climb up and also hit resonant projectiles. Moreover, this heirloom will also reset your air dashes in case you mess up your landing.

Aether’s Wings

Aether's Wings
Credit: Cellar Door Games

The fourth heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 can be found west of Axis Mundi, which is the Kerguelen Plateau. To find the statue protecting the Aether’s Wings, you will have to defeat the Void Beasts first.

Then you’ll have to make your way towards the end of the Far Shores zone. Once there, you will then have to perform a series of spin kicks to cross the water to reach this statue.

The Aether’s Wings heirloom grants players the Power of Zephyr, which allows them to perform a double jump. The skill bestowed by this heirloom will come in especially handy during your boss fight with Estuary Naamah in the Stygian Study.

Pallas’ Void Bell

Pallas' Void Bell
Credit: Cellar Door Games

The fifth heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 is the Pallas’ Void Bell, and it can be found in the depths of the Stygian Study zone. The Stygian Study is located north of Citadel Agartha. The Pallas’ Void Bell grants players the power to perform Void Dashes.

This heirloom is multipurpose in the sense that it grants you different kinds of abilities. With the help of the Pallas’ Void Bell, players can dash between longer distances, or cancel their dash halfway. Moreover, players can also pass through Void doors and projectiles, or use Void Lifts.

Theia’s Sun Lantern

Theia's Sun Lantern
Credit: Cellar Door Games

The sixth heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 can be found in Pishon Dry Lake. The area will only become accessible after you have completed the Estuary Irad boss fight in Sun Tower. There you will come across a nameless knight who will give you Theia’s Sun Lantern upon interacting with him. The heirloom increases the light radius around your character. The sun lantern will come in handy when completing the Pishon Dry Lake zone.

Gilgamesh’s Anchor

Gilgamesh's Anchor
Credit: Cellar Door Games

This is the seventh and last heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 which can be found past the Golden Doors in the final zone of the story. Gilgamesh’s Anchor heirloom cannot be missed, as it is part of the game’s main storyline.

The heirloom allows players to interact with and use Binding stones near the end of the game’s story. You can use Gilgamesh’s Anchor to open the Golden Doors in the final sequence of Rogue Legacy 2.

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