How to Get All Boosters in Helldivers 2 and How to Use Them

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Want to boost your way to victory in Helldivers 2? Then you need Boosters! Here’s how to get and use all boosters in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2, you’ll experience chaotic, intense, and exciting battles in the alien universe. However, if you want to get the most out of Helldivers 2, you need to master its intricacies. From meticulously planning your squad’s loadout to coordinating flanking maneuvers, every strategic decision you make can spell the difference between victory and another grisly demise on a hostile alien world.

Boosters are one of the crucial elements which can potentially change your game. You might not feel the true value of these passive team-wide perks, but with the right combo of Booster buffs, you can turn the tide in your favor during any battle. However, given how opaque some of their effects are described in-game, you might be wondering which ones are genuinely worth those hard-earned Medals.

In this guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about Boosters, including how to get and use Boosters in Helldivers 2.

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All Boosters in Helldivers 2

Are you looking for all Boosters in Helldivers 2? Here are all the available boosters in the game:

Booster NamePageBooster DescriptionCost
Hellpod Space Optimisation3Who doesn’t want to drop in with full ammo, grenades, and stims right off the bat? For most missions, having this Booster equipped will easily outweigh the benefits of anything else.15 Medals (Minimum 50 Medals to own)
Vitality Enhancement4While not quite as amazing as other Boosters, this perk’s injury resistance definitely comes in clutch during those white-knuckle firefights against Helldivers 2’s fiercest enemies.20 Medals (Minimum 95 Medals to own)
UAV Recon Boost6Scouting ahead and tracking enemy movements is pivotal for stealth-oriented missions. If you’re rocking a Scout-focused loadout, extending your radar range is a no-brainer.40 Medals (Minimum 300 Medals to own)
Stamina Enhancement7Increasing everyone’s stamina capacity and recovery rate is a game-changer, letting you blaze across maps and avoid getting bogged down in tough terrain. This one’s an auto-include for high-difficulty missions.75 Medals (Minimum 495 Medals to own)
Muscle Enhancement9Snow, mud, volcanic ash — Helldivers face all sorts of hostile terrain that can sap stamina reserves. This Booster negates those movement penalties, pairing perfectly with Stamina Enhancement.70 Medals (Minimum 920 Medals to own)
Increased Reinforcement Budget10An extra reinforcement life is always nice, but it’s probably the least essential of the Boosters for skilled teams watching each other’s backs.150 Medals (Minimum 1350 Medals to own)
Helldivers Mobilise Boosters
Booster NamePageBooster DescriptionCost
Flexible Reinforcement Budget3Shortening the timer between reinforcement drops. Other options provide more bang for your Medal.75 Medals (Minimum 275 Medals to own)
Steeled Veterans (Premium Warbond) Booster
Hellpod Space Optimisation in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony
Vitality Enhancement in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony
UAV Recon Boost in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony
Stamina Enhancement in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony
Muscle Enhancement in Helldivers 2
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Increased Reinforcement Budget in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony
Flexible Reinforcement Budget in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony

How Boosters Work

On the surface, Boosters seem simple enough: you equip them before a mission, and they grant your whole squad passive bonuses to help you overcome the mission’s challenges. However, there are some nuances to how they function that are crucial to understand:

  • Permanent Pickups: Unlike most consumables, Boosters aren’t single-use items. Once unlocked through Warbonds, they’re yours to equip indefinitely on any mission.
  • One Per Customer: You can only bring one Booster per mission, so choose wisely. The good news? Their effects get shared across your entire squad.
  • No Stacking Allowed: You can’t overlap the same Booster with teammates to amplify its effects. If someone’s already rocking that sweet Stamina Enhancement, you’ll need to pick another option.

With these rules in mind, coordinating which Boosters your squad brings becomes a mini-game in itself. Ideally, you’ll want to cover your bases with a few complementary buffs, avoiding redundancy while still giving everyone a worthy perk.

All Boosters in Helldivers 2
Image Credit: Sony

How to Get Boosters in Helldivers 2

Okay, Helldivers, I’ve covered how Boosters work. But how the hell do you actually get your grubby armored mitts on them? You need to understand earning Boosters takes dedication, strategic resource management, and no small amount of good old-fashioned alien blasting.

The Warbond Grind

Like most of the juiciest loot in Helldivers 2, Boosters are acquired by progressing through the Warbond progression tracks in the Acquisitions terminal aboard your ship. Specifically:

  • Six Boosters can be unlocked across the free “Helldivers Mobilise” Warbond
  • The seventh, “Flexible Reinforcement Budget,” is locked behind the premium “Steeled Veterans” Warbond

To access these passive power ups, you’ll need to dump hard-earned Medals into unlocking each Warbond’s pages. Yes, that’s the same currency you spend on weapons, gear, and unlocking cruicial Stratagems like the indispensable Resupply Pack.

How to Earn Those Precious Medals

So how do you get your hands on enough Medals to purchase those precious Booster unlocks? Here are a few ways to earn Medals:

  • Complete Missions: Every operation you finish earns a Medal payout, with higher difficulty assignments dishing out bigger rewards.
  • Complete Daily Challenges: In 24 hours, you’ll get daily challenges. Finish them to receive a handful of Medals.
  • Search for Loot Beams: Keep an eye out for those shiny loot beams during missions. You can get some bonus Medals from those.

It’s a grind, to be sure, but no surprise there for any veteran Helldivers. After all, what worthwhile objective was ever achieved without sacrifice?

The Growing Pains of Progression

As with most premium progression systems, unlocking those higher-tier Boosters carries an escalating Medal fee — some as high as 150. You’ll likely start by grabbing the early, cheaper options like Hellpod Space Optimisation (15 Medals) and Vitality Enhancement (20 Medals) to give your squad some decent baseline perks.

From there, prioritize which other Boosters are most crucial for your squad’s play style as you build up your Medal coffers. The pricey Increased Reinforcement Budget might seem juicy, but it’s a luxury pick compared to game changers like Stamina Enhancement at 75 Medals.

Pro Booster Loadout Tips and Strategies

Okay, so now you understand what each Booster does and which ones tend to be the most valuable picks. But how can you get the most bang for your buck out of them? Here are some tips and strategies:

  • Coordinate and Diversify: There’s no point in four people all bringing Vitality Enhancement. Before launching a mission, spend a minute ensuring everyone has equipped different complementary Boosters based on the mission parameters.
  • Prioritize Mobility and Sustainability: For most scenarios, you’ll want at least someone running Stamina Enhancement and Hellpod Space Optimisation to keep your squad always moving and stocked up.
  • Lean Into Your Team Strategy: Boosters can further empower your intended strategy. A run-and-gun squad? Prioritize Muscle and Stamina boosts. Stealth-focused? Get some Recon range for scouting.
  • Change It Up Based on Objectives: Different missions call for different tactics. Prioritize mobility for exploration-heavy assignments, but enhance firepower sustainability for all-out warfare against implacable foes.
  • Upgrade As You Can Afford It: Those higher-tier Boosters require some serious Medal grinding to unlock. But don’t sleep on them — having a wider variety available is huge for customizing your squad’s loadout each mission.

Final Thought

These passive perks may seem like small bonuses, but combining their effects creates a powerful exponential impact that can mean the difference between a flawless liberation…or just getting straight up annihilation. Remember, each of the Boosters have different effect.

  • Hellpod Space Optimisation — Start missions with full ammo, grenades, and stims
  • Vitality Enhancement — Increased resistance to injuries
  • UAV Recon Boost — Extended radar range
  • Stamina Enhancement — Increased stamina capacity and recovery rate
  • Muscle Enhancement — Ability to traverse difficult terrain easier
  • Increased Reinforcement Budget — Gain an extra reinforcement
  • Flexible Reinforcement Budget (Premium) — Reduced time until next reinforcement

Always communicate with your teammate and pick the best Boosters for each mission in Helldivers 2.

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