How to Fix Trine 5 High GPU Usage and Temps

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Is Trine 5 showing 100% GPU usage and causing high GPU temperatures? Here’s how you can fix them.

Despite being a straightforward 2.5D platformer, the Trine series adds incredible details to the characters and environments, taking you on a mysterious journey through the world of fairy tales.

The latest addition to the Trine series, Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy, is no exception. The game just came out on Windows, PlayStation, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch. Trine 5 introduces thrilling new puzzles and a depth of difficulty in each level, making the 4-year wait well worth it.

However, there is a rising concern among PC players due to excessively high GPU usage and temperatures in Trine 5. Whether you have a high-end GPU or not, Trine 5 ramps up your GPU usage to the max, which seems really unusual for a 2.5D platformer.

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What Causes High GPU Usage in Trine 5?

The Trine series is notorious for maximizing GPU usage. It’s because the game is extremely GPU-hungry and will constantly use your core and memory clocks at 100%. Typically, you want your GPU to operate at maximum capacity. But for a game like Trine 5, it doesn’t make sense for your GPU to sweat that much.

credit: ign/ THQ Nordic

Moreover, high GPU usage occurs not only in lower-medium-end graphics cards but also in the best graphics cards on the market, such as the 4090. So, a high-resolution monitor combined with a high-end graphics card will increase GPU usage in Trine 5.

High GPU usage may not always be a problem for many users. However, as Trine 5 runs for longer periods of time, the GPU temperature rises, ultimately degrading Trine 5’s performance. But don’t worry; there’s a simple solution.

How to Fix Trine 5 High GPU Usage

It is very simple to fix high GPU usage and keep temperatures under control while playing Trine 5. All you have to do in Trine 5 is limit your FPS. Based on your GPU’s capability and your Monitor’s resolution and refresh rate, the FPS limitation can vary.

However, it is not recommended that you keep Trine 5’s FPS higher than the refresh rate of your monitor, as you will not notice any visual difference. Besides that, it will only reduce overall performance and shorten the lifespan of your GPU.

You can obviously lower Trine 5 graphics settings. However, it will only increase your FPS and may not help decrease your GPU usage that much. Moreover, you’ll miss out on the incredible visuals if you lower the graphics settings.

Here, we’ll discuss two methods for how you can limit your FPS to lower GPU usage and Temperature in Trine 5:

Method 1 (Limit FPS from in-game settings)

You can use the in-game FPS limiter to limit Trine 5 FPS. To do that,

  • Launch Trine 5.
  • From the menu, go to Options
  • Navigate to the Visuals tab
  • Go to the FPS limit and set it to 60
    • Note: Depending on your monitor’s refresh rate, you can go above 60 FPS. So, try increasing FPS little by little to find the sweet spot where you get low GPU usage at a decent temperature without losing much performance.
  • Now you’re all set! Enjoy Trine 5!

Method 2 (Limit FPS using RivaTuner)

Using the in-game FPS limiter may cause some screen flickering and input delay in Trine 5. So, another alternative way of limiting your FPS is by using the Riva Tuner. Riva Tuner is a third

To limit the Trine 5 FPS by using Riva Tuner. To do that,

Riva Tuner
  • Click the green Add button from the bottom-left corner
  • Locate the Trine 5.exe application and click on Open
  • After you’ve added the game select Trine 5 from under the Global section
  • From the right side of the window, you’ll see the Framerate limit option
  • Now input 60 (or the desired number) and press enter to limit Trine 5 FPS
Riva Tuner
credit: rtss
  • Now launch Trine 5 normally

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There you go! Now you can enjoy Trine 5 without having to worry about your precious graphics card. So, get into Trine 5 and solve the difficult puzzles, fight new bosses, and explore the wilderness to save the Kingdom from the Evil Queen with your favorite character.

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