Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Choose Lorroakan or Nightsong’s Side?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Larian Studios

Choosing to side with Lorroakan or Nightsong comes with great aid and great loss in BG3. But don’t get worried about this dilemma. We will show you the facts about each, and it will be easier for you to decide!

Enjoy the latest Dungeons and Dragons-themed RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3, and uncover the deadly mysteries behind the world of Faerun. Form a party and explore the Forgotten Realms to get the ultimate cure for the Lilltihid’s Tadpoles, or you may call those parasites! Meet Druids, Tielflings, Devils, Mages, and many more, and fight against or for them in each mission or quest.

As the main storyline starts, players may meet different characters and NPCs. Two of the main characters you may meet later in BG3 are Lorroakan and Nightsong. Nightsong is the daughter of Selune and Dame Ayline, and she is a pretty strong one. On the other hand, Lorroakan is another evil Mage that players may meet in Razmith’s Tower in the Sorcerous Sundries. Both are bitter enemies of each other, and you will decide to side with one of them.

Lorroakan or Nightsong? Which Side To Choose?

When you meet Lorroakan in Razmith’s Tower in the Sorcerous Sundries, he will talk about his evil plan to abduct Nightsong for his benefit. And he would also ask you to help him. Now, there are two choices in this situation:

Choose to Side with Lorroakan

If you take sides with Lorroakan, he will take his army with you to Nightsong. She will be hurt because of your betrayal; all fight till the end against the evil Mage with Isobel. However, Nightsong will not be successful in defeating Lorroakan. And he will capture her and kill her eventually.

Once this is done, Lorroakan will give you immense rewards with 200 HP, and not only that, but he will also agree to fight along with you and your party in the campaign battle. Though it may sound alluring, it is better not to side with this evil Mage.

Choose to Side with Nightsong

Choosing to be with Nightsong against Lorroakan is recommended in BG3. Lorroakan is a powerful Mage, but Nightsong is more powerful and will help you complete other quests and fight evil in BG3.

Players who choose to side with Nightsong will fight with her against Lorroakan and even loot rare, valuable items from the Mage’s property after defeating him. Your faithfulness and loyalty to Nightsong will make her your lifetime ally, along with Isobel, her lover in BG3.

Both of them will help in every hardship, and your party members will also take sides with you if you choose Nightsong over Lorroakan.

All the facts are here; now, it is your choice to take sides. But it would be best if you chose to take sides with Nightsong in BG3 for long-term benefit.

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