How to Find the Shotgun in the Dark Place: Alan Wake 2

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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If you want to know where to find the Shotgun in the Dark Place in Alan Wake 2, then look no further!

Alan Wake 2 is Remedy Entertainment’s sequel to the popular Alan Wake. In this title, you get to play as both Alan Wake and Saga Anderson.

Discover the story of the bestselling writer Alan Wake as he went missing in 2010 and has been trapped in the Dark Place ever since, wishing that his life would rather come to an end.

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Although combat somewhat takes the backseat in Alan Wake 2, there will be times when you have to save yourself and fend off impending dangers. Therefore, you better ensure you’re well-equipped with proper weapons and equipment.

One of the better weapons in the game is the Shotgun in the Dark Place. It’s fairly easy to miss, so make sure you keep on reading to know exactly how to get your hands on this weapon.

How to Get the Shotgun In the Dark Place In Alan Wake 2

The shotgun is easy to miss because it requires you to use the Lamp a second time when solving a puzzle that you already solved and gotten a reward for.

So, it’s normal to think that it doesn’t have anything more to give. But you’ll be wrong to think that as the shotgun you’re looking for is tucked away in the very same location. Let’s go over step by step.

Head to OceanView Hotel

You’ll be asked to meet an unknown caller at the Oceanview Hotel at one point in your journey. Specifically, in Chapter: Initiation 5-Room 665. But it’s not like you can walk right in through the main entrance. You have to find an alternate entrance to the hotel, which is right around the corner.

Head to the Hotel Bar

Alan Wake 2 Alan's Shotgun
CREDIT: Remedy Entertainment

Once inside, explore a little, and you’ll find the hotel bar. If you’re finding it difficult to find it, then just follow the red carpet, and you’ll get to the bar eventually. Additionally, there is a bright neon “Mirror Peak” sign just above the bar.

Use the Lamp on the Light to reveal the Bar

Alan Wake 2 Alan's Shotgun
CREDIT: Remedy Entertainment

Once you’re in the bar, you’ll see a shotgun locked away in a case on the wall. This is where your Angel Lamp comes into use. Using the Angel Lamp once will transform the dreary bar into a well-lit one. However, doing so will hide away the shotgun you saw before.

Head inside and use the Angel Lamp again

Alan Wake 2 Alan's Shotgun
CREDIT: Remedy Entertainment

Go inside the bar and stand right in front of the bar menu and use your Angel Lamp again. Doing so will finally reveal the shotgun, which can now be picked up.

Finally, you use your Lamp once more to head back out of the bar, and now you have one of the better weapons in the game to fight off monsters that lurk in the shadows.

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