How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Learn how to fast travel in Final Fantasy 16.

Square Enix just released one of the most anticipated games of this year, Final Fantasy 16. Like its predecessors, Final Fantasy 16 also features a comparatively large map and requires the players to visit many locations. Final Fantasy 16 features a semi-open world map, creating more scope for the players to interact.

Players of Final Fantasy 16 need to complete a wide variety of tasks in order to complete the game. These tasks will take them all around the land of Valisthea. Traveling from one place to another can be a hassle for a lot of players. Luckily enough, the developers have kept a fast travel option for the players to travel from one location to another in seconds.

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How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16

Fast Travel is unlocked in Final Fantasy 16 during the game’s tutorial. The initial mission will send the players to Lostwing to fight the first boss, Midnight Raven. On their way to Lostwing, players will come across a blue shiny stone-like structure.

The structure that the players will come across is called the Obelisk. When you use the Fast Travel feature in Final Fantasy 16, you will be transported to another location through the Obelisks. However, you must first unlock the Obelisk of that certain location.

In the initial stage of the game, players will not have many locations to fast travel to. However, with time and through exploration and finishing quests, players will keep unlocking several Obelisks, which will allow them to fast travel to more points around Valisthea.

Fast traveling in Final Fantasy 16 is rather an easy task to do. Just follow the given steps:

  • Press Option
  • Open the mini map
  • Choose the Obelisk you want to travel to
  • Press on the Obelisk and hold X on your console

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