How to Farm Legendary Weapons and Equipment in Enshrouded

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Keen Games

Enshrouded has a way to farm legendary equipment in the game. Here we will show you how you can do that while playing Enshrouded.

Enshrouded is a survival crafting game with a pretty big world. However, as the name suggests, the world is covered in a shroud and it is your job to get rid of it. During your playtime, you can take your character in a few different ways. The fighter, archer, and mage classes are the basic options for now.

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The gear system in Enshrounded is also divided into a few categories. The highest quality gear is the Legendary ones. You can actually farm for legendary gears in the game. Here we will discuss how this works and how you can farm legendary gear for yourself right at the start of the game.

Legendary Gear Mechanics

Each chest in the Enshoruded world has a chance of containing legendary gears. These chests also reset when you join any private server. Combining these two we can farm for legendary gears in the game. This could technically be labeled as a bug, so there is a chance it will be patched after the update. But for now, this is the easiest method for farming legendary gear.

How to Farm Legendary Gear

When you start the game, you will be making your base right in this area. There is a chest pretty close to your base. We will have to farm that chest to get our legendary gear. Here is a map showing the location of the chest.

Credit: Keen Games

In the marked area of the map, you will find a ruin with a secret entrance. Use your glider to get close to the ruin. The entrance should be in the southwestern corner of the building. Go inside and claim the chest. Now we will have to reset the chest so that we can claim once again.

To reset the chest pause the game and click Return to the Main Menu. Then load again as a private server. This will reset the chest and bring you back to your base. All you need to do is repeat claiming the chest and resting your game by returning to the menu and loading it as a private server. Depending on your luck, after some time you will find your legendary gear in the chest.

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