How to Do All Optional Rides at Coney Island: Spiderman-2

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On your trip to Coney Island with Harry & MJ, you’ll come across quite a few optional rides; here’s how to do all of them.

Insomniac’s Spiderman-2 offers you a chock-full of new stories and gameplay modes. The game also focuses on the personal lives of both Peter & Miles and how they are handling being their regular selves & Spiderman all at the same time.

With the return of Harry Osborn after his yearlong treatment. Peter, MJ & Harry decide to spend quality time among friends by visiting Coney Island for old times’ sake.

Here, you can enjoy some optional rides and acquire cosmetics for Peter & the gang. But you will only be able to customize the cosmetics on Peter. Remember that if you ride the ‘Speed Demon,’ you won’t be able to enjoy other rides as it will trigger the main storyline.

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Don’t worry, as in this guide, I will discuss how to do all the optional rides at Coney Island and get the rewards. Please note that you won’t be getting any exceptional suit or XP boost by completing Coney Island rides.

How to Do All the Optional Rides at Coney Island

All Optional Rides at Coney Island
All Optional Rides at Coney Island

To complete all the optional Rides at Coney Island, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Start the mission ‘A Second Dance’
  • After the initial cutscene, you will find the optional objectives to ride the other rides, and they will be blue-marked
  • Avoid the ‘Speed Demon’ ride.
  • Complete the rides at your preferred order. The optional rides are the following:
    • Swish Swish
    • Time Twister
    • Test Your Love
    • Knock Em Down
    • The Flying Mantis
    • Hydra Head Hitter
    • Octoride
  • Upon completing the optional rides, you will get a new objective to visit the ticket booths to get your rewards. Here, you will earn the goofy sunglasses & hat cosmetics for Peter.
  • After that, you can hit the Speed Demon and see how the story unfolds!

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