Venom’s Identity Explained: Spiderman-2

Asil Ahsan
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Venom is the iconic villain in Spiderman comics, but who is wearing the symbiote in Spiderman-2? The answer might shock you!

Spiderman-2 hits the ground running as Insomniac brings back both protagonists from the past two games and a plethora of villains for them to take on.

But among Spiderman’s most formidable enemies, there is anyone who can top Venom. The alien symbiote latches to Peter and then later becomes one of his strongest nemesis.

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When the trailer for Spiderman-2 was released, I got excited to see the tease of Venom. But it isn’t Eddie Brock who hosts Venom in this game. Who is Venom in Spiderman-2?

That is what I am going to discuss in this article. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

Venom’s Identity Explained

Venom's True Identity
Venom’s True Identity

Initially, we all thought that Insomniac would bring back Eddie Brock, Peter’s rival at the Daily Bugle. But as Peter is not in the reporting gig in the game, I thought he might not be in it, and I was right. So, who is Venom in Spiderman-2, then?

To answer your question, Harry Osborn is Venom in Marvel’s Spiderman 2. You will get the first hint of Venom’s identity right at the game’s opening cutscene, where Norman Osborn shows Harry a symbiote trapped in his lab.

Harry is suffering from a fatal disease that can kill him in a year, and Norman wants to save his son with the healing capabilities of the symbiote.

The big reveal comes quite early when Peter has to save people Kraven’s hunters at the carnival. I will keep the spoilers to a minimum, but you can expect something amazing.

This new take on Venom’s identity is a twist that most of us fans of Spiderverse didn’t expect. But it is quite intriguing to see Harry dawn the symbiote suit.

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