How to Deal with Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company

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Baboon Hawks is a dangerous monster in Lethal Company that might cause a few problems for the players, here is how to deal with them.

Lethal Company is a survival horror game that requires the players to collect scraps from inside the facilities and sell them to the company for profit. During their adventure on these abandoned moons, dangers lurk in every corner in the name of some extremely creepy monsters.

Some of these monsters are easy to deal with while encountering other means of inevitable death. The Baboon Hawk is one such monster in Lethal Company that you will face mostly during the dark hours. Dealing with the Baboon Hawks can be challenging, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with today’s guide on how to deal with Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company.

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What are Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company

Baboon Hawks are not primates or birds; they are a hybrid of both. They are territorial monsters who prefer to mark their area with a special color and can be seen mostly after 6 PM. While standing, these monsters can be as tall as 8 feet. They have beaks like birds and long horns that they use to hunt their targets. Baboon Hawks are harmless animals and won’t attack you until you provoke them.

A single Baboon Hawk won’t do much damage to anyone until they have approached them dangerously close or provoked them anyhow. These monsters mostly prefer to live in hordes, but you can also find single Baboon Hawks roaming around. A Baboon Hawk horde can be dangerous if you encounter one, as they will attack you if they outnumber you.

How to Deal with Baboon Hawks

As Baboon Hawks are more likely to attack you when they outnumber you, you should stick with your crewmates in the dark. If you have an equal number of members or more than the Baboon Hawk horde, they will try to intimidate and follow but not attack you unless they have to.

You can try to intimidate the Baboon Hawks back to make them scared of you, thus limiting their chances of attacking you. If you outnumber the Baboon Hawks, you can try to shout at them using your microphone. This will do enough to scare them away. However, the results can be the opposite if you shout at them while they are more in numbers than you.

Other than that, do not go near the Baboon Hawks or make them feel threatened. You let them be, and they will not attack you. In any case, if the situation arises where you have to fight them, use the Shovel to kill them with 5 to 6 hits. Using the Stun Grenade or Zap Gun to stun them is another good strategy to deal with the Baboon Hawks.

If the Baboon Hawk horde outnumbers you, running inside your ship or the facility is better. To avoid getting outnumbered, be careful of the territory markings, and do not enter their territory anyhow.

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