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Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to know about all the monsters in Lethal Company? If yes, here’s a list of all monsters and how you can deal with them.

In Lethal Company’s abandoned facilities and alien terrain, vicious monsters lurk around every corner. As you explore hazardous moons for valuable scrap, you’ll need to stay alert to avoid getting killed by the many horrors that live on these worlds.

You’ll die if you get caught off-guard, but knowledge and preparation give you a fighting chance. From aggressive wildlife to paranormal entities, this guide covers everything you need to know. With the right approach, you can outmaneuver the most frightening foes, Lethal Company throws at you.

When creepy sounds fill the air and movement stirs in the darkness, this guide will steel your nerves and guide your steps. So read on, learn all there is to know about the alien beasts hungering for you, and survive to profit another day.

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All Lethal Company Monsters (Outdoors)

Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawk in Lethal Company
  • Location: Forests and rocky outcroppings
  • How to Deal With It: Leave territorial packs be and do not approach nesting grounds. Flee if they mob aggressively.
  • Special Ability: Attack in coordinated groups when threatened

Circuit Bee

Circuit Bee in Lethal Company
  • Location: Around large outdoor hives
  • How to Deal With It: Keep distance from hives to avoid provoking defensive swarming.
  • Special Ability: Generate painful electric shocks

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts in Lethal Company
  • Location: Skies above surface
  • How to Deal With It: Harmless; they scatter if approached
  • Special Ability: None

Forest Keeper

Forest Keeper in Lethal Company
  • Location: Forests after sundown
  • How to Deal With It: Nearly impervious to damage, so stealth and evasion are imperative once spotted.
  • Special Ability: Lightning-quick speed belying size

Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company
  • Location: Plains and rocky areas after dark
  • How to Deal With It: Move silently to avoid detection by acute hearing.
  • Special Ability: Lethal bite and shakes prey to death

Earth Leviathan

Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company
  • Location: Underground, able to erupt up unpredictably
  • How to Deal With It: Flee from rumbling soil; changes of direction may confuse. Getting inside blocks it.
  • Special Ability: Powerful burrowing and massive maw


Manticoil in Lethal Company
  • Location: Airborne, lands in groups on surface
  • How to Deal With It: Non-aggressive, takes flight if approached
  • Special Ability: None

All Lethal Company Monsters (Indoors)

Hoarding Bug

Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company
  • Location: Abandoned interior rooms and corridors
  • How to Deal With It: Avoid close proximity to prevent territorial attacks. Can be eliminated by teams wielding blunt objects.
  • Special Ability: Surprising strength when angered


Hygrodere in Lethal Company
  • Location: Stairwells, hallways, other narrow passages
  • How to Deal With It: Slow movement allows evasion by jumping over or taking alternate routes around them.
  • Special Ability: Absorbs anything it touches to expand its mass


Bracken in Lethal Company
  • Location: Dark corners of interior spaces
  • How to Deal With It: Make brief eye contact to repel; avoid staring directly or it will attack.
  • Special Ability: Kills instantly via neck snap if allowed to approach

Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl in Lethal Company
  • Location: Isolated rooms and corridors, follows haunted victim
  • How to Deal With It: Cannot be defeated, so flee quickly once manifested.
  • Special Ability: Singles out individual players to stalk and kill


Jester in Lethal Company
  • Location: Interior locked chambers
  • How to Deal With It: Exit facility immediately once its music starts, before it attacks.
  • Special Ability: Skull form kills anyone it reaches

Spore Lizard

Spore Lizard in Lethal Company
  • Location: Ventilation ducts and maintenance areas
  • How to Deal With It: More curious than aggressive; bites mildly if provoked.
  • Special Ability: Temporary vision obstruction from expelled spores

Bunker Spider

Bunker Spider in Lethal Company
  • Location: Indoor spaces with webs present
  • How to Deal With It: Avoid webs, attack from a distance or just avoid its hunting grounds.
  • Special Ability: Web ensnares victims while fangs inject venom


Coilhead in Lethal Company
  • Location: Low-light indoor zones
  • How to Deal With It: Maintain visual contact to freeze it while retreating calmly.
  • Special Ability: Springs lethally when unobserved

Snare Flea

Snare Flea in Lethal Company
  • Location: Clings to ceilings waiting for victims below
  • How to Deal With It: Dislodge from teammates with blunt force; exit outside kills it.
  • Special Ability: Constricting strangulation once attached


Thumper in Lethal Company
  • Location: Corridors and large chamber interiors
  • How to Deal With It: Flee using erratic direction changes. Hide briefly on high perches.
  • Special Ability: Extreme speed charging in straight lines

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