How to Create Fireworks in Minecraft

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Credit: Mojang Studios

Here is a quick guide on how to make fireworks in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival sandbox game focused on exploration, mining, and building. Players need to kill animals, harvest, collect materials, and cook food to survive in Minecraft. Released by Mojang Studio in 2009, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and has millions of active players every month.

Players can run their imaginations wild in Minecraft, as they can create unbelievably large structures and unique contraptions in the game. You can also create fireworks in Minecraft to celebrate something in the game. You can use fireworks as a celebratory item or as weapons in the game.

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Here is how you can create fireworks in Minecraft.

How to Create Fireworks in Minecraft

Making Fireworks in Minecraft is time-consuming, but it’s easy to do. You must create a Firework Star first, requiring gunpowder and dyes of different colors. You can get gunpowders from Desert Pyramids or by killing Creepers in the game.

Creeper in Minecraft
Creeper in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios

Next, you need to collect some flowers to create some dyes. You can use flowers or other materials of color to create dyes, but flowers are the easiest to collect. After collecting flowers, you can put them in your crafting option, automatically converting them into dyes.

Moreover, you can also use different color dyes together to create a new dye. If you mix Red and Blue dyes, it will create Purple dyes.

Flowers in Minecraft
Flowers in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios

To make the Firework Star, go to the crafting table, put the gunpowder in the middle, and surround it with dyes. You can add up to 8 different dyes to create more colorful firework stars. Players can also add Glowstone Dust(only found in the Nether) for a twinkle effect and a Diamond for a trail effect.

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Crafting a firework star
Crafting a firework star | Credit: Mojang Studios

After making your Firework Star, you must create a Firework Rocket, requiring more gunpowder and a piece of paper. Combine the Firework Star with 1 Paper and at least 1 Gunpowder. You can add up to 3 gunpowders, increasing the duration of your fireworks.

Crafting a Firework Rocket
Crafting a Firework Rocket | Credit: Mojang Studios

Once you’re done creating the Firework Rockets, you can use your Crossbow to shoot the rockets up in the sky or just simply Right-click near the ground to launch the rockets. The rockets will go up in the sky and create colorful fireworks.

Fireworks in Minecraft
Fireworks in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang Studios

This is how you can create Fireworks in Minecraft. You can customize the fireworks to look however you want them to be from the crafting table by adding more dyes and materials to make them last longer.

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