How to Craft in Gotham Knights

This guide will give you a complete insight into how you can craft in Gotham Knights and other necessary guidelines. Hang around!

Gotham’s underworld seems more dangerous than it used to seem. After the reveal of the Court of the Owls, the whole perception of who drives Gotham has changed from top to bottom. And as the enemies grow stronger by the minute, the new Knights of Gotham had to take the wheel after the untimed departure of the Dark Knight.

However, to prepare against the worst enemies, they need to craft their items and suit to the finest. On top of that, you can even get new items without crafting by completing various challenges. There are secret caches you can chase after. However, only to craft items is still the best way to customize your character from scratch in Gotham Knights.

Crafting in Gotham Knights is quite a fun ‘to do’ thing. Without further ado, let’s jump into it already.

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Where to Craft in Gotham Knights?

To do crafting, to change your appearance, to change your character; whatever you do, Belfry is the mother-base you will always have to return to. After that, open up that Bat-computer and then bring up the gear tab. That will give you access to various options like storage materials, blueprints, weapons, and more.

However, you can always access Bat-computer from wherever you are. But to equip items and all, you do need to visit the mother-base from time to time.

How to Craft in Gotham Knights?

Now that you know where to craft let’s get into depth. To craft items, you need two things; a Blueprint and the raw materials to craft. In Gotham Knights, Salvages are the raw materials used to craft items.

Where to get Blueprints?

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the Blueprints are exclusive and specific to each of the four characters to craft items like suits and weapons in Gotham Knights. And, of course, you cannot expect to get to the final point without a map. And here, the map is the Blueprint.

To get Blueprints, you have three options to look for:

  • Complete the Quests and Challenges
  • Slay your foes
  • Open chests
  • Open Secret Caches

Where to get Salvage?

After the Blueprints, Salvages are raw materials you should start acquiring to craft items in Gotham Knights. Till now, there is a total of 15 types of Salvage exist. You can get these from:

  • Complete the Quests and Challenges
  • Slay your foes
  • Open chests
  • Open Secret Caches

Unlike Blueprints, you can get specific Salvage items from specific places. The source and the types of Salvages are given below in full detail:

AmalgamRareLeague of Shadows
Colloidal CrystalRareRegulators
ElectrumRareCourt of Owls
Graphene FiberUncommonRegulators
Industrial SolventUncommonFreaks
Khadym SteelUncommonLeague of Shadows
Nth MetalLegendaryALL
Organic CompositeUncommonCourt of Owls
Programmable NanocapsulesEpicFreaks
PseudodermEpic Mob
Rare Earth MaterialsRareMob
Titanium MeshUncommonMob

And that is all I had to talk about how to craft your gears in Gotham Knights. Stay with us to get more updates from Gotham Knights. Prosst!

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