How to Change Appearance in Gotham Knights

You might want to know how you can change your appearance in Gotham Knights. Hop in!

The streets of Gotham has now a group of Knights to avoid. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Red Hood have taken the wheel after the Dark Knight passed his final breath. However, the Dark Knight’s untimed death has brought a new window of opportunities for all the antagonists in Gotham. And that is the challenge the new line of defense has to face from now on.

However, the game itself hasn’t disappointed the gamers in the costume section. Good to see that the closet is quite big to explore. On top of that, there are varieties of options you can choose to deal with if you want to change your appearance in Gotham Knights.

To know more about changing your appearance, scroll down below real quick.

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Appearance in Gotham Knights

Even though you cannot change your character’s appearance, you have been given the best customization options in the wardrobe. Moreover, with the Transmog costume on, you will also have the opportunity to discover all the other outfits. Devs did a wonderful job here.

All the changeable gears are cosmetics, meaning the appearance of these items will change gradually when you upgrade them level by level. Now that you have the basic idea behind the appearance in Gotham Knights let’s get deep into how you can actually do that.

Change Appearance

To start with, you need to be present at the Belfry. Next on, head to the Bat computer and bring up the Gear tab. Now, find the Styles tab. This is the place you want to go on an adventure. And take notes; you will be spending most of your time here from time to time. So, I would suggest exploring this part of the game in the later phase. So that you will have enough crafting materials by then, and the decision-making will be easier when there is to craft something.

I presume you are in your fav outfit by now. All you have to do is, activate the Transmog option. It will basically keep the highest stat that you have developed for a particular suit, and whenever you change into other suites, the stat will remain unchanged. However, make sure to unlock all the suits by the end of this story.

To make a change of appearance in the suit in Gotham Knights, there are some sub-categories; Colorway, Cowl, Symbol, Gloves, and Boots.

  • Colorway: It is the color pallet for the overall suit.
  • Cowl: Changes the flair a little bit and the eyes.
  • Symbol: The Bat symbol comes in various styles.
  • Gloves: Can be changed to smoother to the roughest using blades.
  • Boots: There will be added flairs, and a bit of incognito mode can be allowed.

There you go, that is all I had in my stash regarding changing appearance in Gotham Knights. Cheers!

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