How to Complete ‘Rare Chests Searched’ Punchcard With This Easy Trick

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit : Epic Games

There is an easy way of completing the ‘Finders Keepers’ Punchcard which has you searching for Rare chests in order to complete them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 just started a few weeks back. Epic Games introduced a new method for getting XP in this season. In the previous 2 seasons of Chapter 2 Getting XP was very time consuming and boring.

Epic Games decided to counter this problem this season by introducing the New Punch-card system. These punch-cards grand players 14,000 XP for completing each step. There are a total of 51 punch-cards in total.

Some of these punch-cards have different stages that each grant 14,000 XP. All these XP quickly add up and help players progress in their Battle Pass levels.

A Punch-card among these is one named ‘Finders Keepers‘. In order to complete this punch-card players need to find and open Rare chests that spawn in Battle Royale matches. This punch-card can offer a total of 84,000 XP for completing all the steps. Previously this punch-card would take the whole season because Rare chests are very hard to find. But this can be completed very easily by following the trick below.

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How to Complete Finders keepers Very Easily

Epic Games has started bringing back previous favorite LTM(Limited Time Modes) into rotation in this season. And luckily the LTM that’s in rotation right now is Solid Gold.

In this mode, only Gold Guns spawn. The best thing about this LTM right now is that only Rare chests spawn in this mode. All the chests spawn at the usual spot but all of them are Rare Chests in this mode.

So it is very easy to just hop into this mode to find and open Rare chests. This can help complete the punch-card very quickly and with ease.

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