How To Change Trailblazer’s Path in Honkai: Star Rail

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The Trailblazer can follow Destruction and Preservation Paths in Honkai: Star Rail. Here is how you can switch their Paths in the game.

In Honkai: Star Rail, characters follow a Path that specifies their playstyle and how their skills work. The Trailblazer, or the main character in Honkai: Star Rail, can follow multiple Paths simultaneously. After reaching a certain point in the game, players can change the main character’s Path and switch up the play style.

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The Trailblazer starts the game as a Physical type who follows the Destruction Path, but as the story progresses, players will unlock the Fire Trailblazer of the Preservation Path. Trailblazer has different playstyles on both Preservation and Destruction, and players can switch their Path and Element whenever they want.

This guide will show you how to change the Trailblazer’s Path in Honkai: Star Rail.

How To Change Trailblazer Type in Honkai: Star Rail

After completing the Trailblaze mission “Roads to the Past Have Long Been Closed” in Jarilo-VI, players will unlock the Fire Trailblazer of the Preservation Path after defeating Cocolia. Players can then freely change the Trailblazer’s type from the main menu in the game.

Here is how you can change the Trailblazer’s Path in Honkai: Star Rail.

1. Open the Main Menu and Select Trailblazer

First, open the game’s main menu and press Characters from the options. After pressing Characters, select the Trailblazer from the list of characters.
You can access your characters by pressing ESC on Windows PC or tapping the Phone symbol on Mobile Devices. Press C on your keyboard to bring the characters’ details directly to your Windows PC.

Honkai: Star Rail Main Menu
Honkai: Star Rail Main Menu

2. Click on the Trailblazer’s Path or Element Tab

Once you’ve selected the Trailblazer, click on the Switch option at the bottom right, allowing you to switch the Path.

Switching trailblazer's Path
Switching Trailblazer’s Path

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3. Select the New Trailblazer’s Path or Element

Select which Path you want your Trailblazer to follow in combat in Honkai: Star Rail. The Trailblazer can follow either the Destruction or Preservation Path at the moment.

Select the New Trailblazer’s Path or Element
Selecting Trailblazer’s Path

4. Confirm the Change

After selecting the Path, press Confirm if you want to confirm the changes. If you don’t want to change the Path, click Cancel to revert the changes.

Confirm the Change
Confirming Trailblazer’s Path changes

Please note that after confirming your Trailblazer’s Path to either Preservation or Destruction, you will need to change the Relics and Light Cone.

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