Free Characters You Can Get in Honkai: Star Rail

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Hoyoverse made a few characters available for free in Honkai: Star Rail for new players. Here is how you can unlock the free characters in the game.

Honkai Star Rail is a turned-based role-playing game made by HoYoverse. Star Rail provides players with a wide selection of characters, and since it’s a Gacha title, some of the characters can be hard to get. There are 42 playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail, and more new characters are added in each update.

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In the version 1.6 update of Honkai: Star Rail, all active players will receive a free copy of Dr. Ratio, a 5-star limited-time character for free. Even though it’s a Gacha title and you have to summon the characters in the game, you can get a few characters for free just by playing it.

Here are the characters you can get for free in Honkai: Star Rail.

Characters You Can Get For Free in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, players can unlock nine free characters by doing quests and completing specific challenges. In phase two of the 1.6 update, players will get Dr. Ratio for free and can unlock Lynx from the new in-game event. Most free characters you get are some of the best 4-star characters with various paths and elements. These are the characters you can get in Honkai: Star Rail for free,


Trailblazer | Credit: Hoyoverse
Trailblazer | Credit: Hoyoverse

The Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai: Star Rail. At the start of the game, you will get to choose the gender and name your character as your choice.

You’ll get to unlock various forms for them as you progress through the game’s story. They start as The Destruction path and Physical type, but you can add a new form at the end of the Jarilo-VI story. The Preservation path with the Fire type will be this second form and can be changed at will by choosing “Switch” under each form’s Light Cone.

March 7th

March 7th | Credit: HoYoverse
March 7th | Credit: HoYoverse

March 7th will be unlocked shortly after completing the story “Eye of the Storm.”

March will join your party at the end of the quest cutscene, where you first meet her, and will be available permanently. March is an Ice element character who follows the Preservation path and serves as a support who can freeze enemies and shield allies.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng | Credit: HoYoverse
Dan Heng | Credit: HoYoverse

Dan Heng will be unlocked alongside March 7th, shortly after completing the story “Eye of the Storm.”

Dan Heng is a Wind element character who follows the Hunt path and can deal massive single-target damage. He can also buff himself using his technique before engaging in combat, strengthening him. March 7th and Dan Heng are part of the Astral Express crew and join the main character early into the game.


Asta | Credit: HoYoverse
ASta | Credit: HoYoverse

Asta is a Fire element character who follows the Harmony path and can buff your party, which will increase the speed and attack of the party with her skills.

Asta is a guaranteed pull when you first use a Star Rail Pass to Stellar Warp as part of the game’s gacha tutorial. After reaching the Master Control Zone area of Herta Space Station during the prologue, you will receive a few free Star Rail Passes, so it will not cost you anything to pull her.

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Natasha | Credit: HoYoverse
Natasha | Credit: HoYoverse

Natasha is a Physical character who follows the Abundance path and is the first healer-type character you get in the game.

Natasha is the physician who patches you up after you arrive in Boulder Town on Jarilo-VI as you progress through the Trailblazer quest. She will be unlocked after completing the objective of the “Lying in Rust” quest and talking to her later. However, players must at least reach Trailblazer Level 14 to unlock the quest for Natasha.


Herta | Credit: HoYoverse
Herta | Credit: HoYoverse

Herta follows the Erudition path and is an Ice character in Honkai: Star Rail. Players can unlock Herta for free after clearing World 2 of the Simulated Universe. Players can also get more copies of Herta to unlock her Eidolons by completing Worlds 4 and 6.

Herta is a multi-target attacker and launches follow-up attacks when enemies drop below a certain percent of their Max HP. She can also buff herself with her techniques before combat, similar to Dan Heng.


Qingque | Credit: HoYoverse
Qingque | Credit: HoYoverse

Players will get a copy of Qingque after completing Memory Stage 3 of Forgotten Hall, another endgame content of Honkai: Star Rail.

Qingque is a Quantum element character who follows the Erudition path. Qingque engages in combat using Mahjong-like tiles to help her attack multiple targets and deal Quantum damage. She starts with two tiles in battle but keeps drawing tiles randomly and receives an attack buff if she gets a four-of-a-kind.


Serval | Credit: HoYoverse
Serval | Credit: HoYoverse

Serval is a Lightning element-type character who follows the Erudition path, and players can get her for free right after they unlock the Mailbox system.

The in-game Mailbox is unlocked after completing the “Speak to Asta” quest at the beginning of the prologue quest “A Moment of Peace.” Serval was made free to celebrate the milestone number of pre-registrations for Honkai: Star Rail before its release. Even if you didn’t pre-register yourself, you will still receive her for free after playing the game.

Serval can perform multi-target Lightning attacks and apply shock DoT (Damage over Time) to enemies. Her technique allows her to deal with Lightning damage to a single enemy, but all enemies get shocked during combat.


Yukong | Credit: HoYoverse
Yukong | Credit: HoYoverse

Yukong is an Imaginary element-type character who follows the path of Harmony.

Players must complete the first stage of the Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou to get Yukong. After completing the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant,” you can enter this area of Forgotten Hall.

Yukong has a unique playstyle in which she will buff the team. She does not have turn durations but instead depends on stacks consumed after an ally takes a turn and can buff attack, crit rate, and damage.

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