How To Build A House in Palworld

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By Arnan Bonny
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Here is all you need to know if you want to build a house in Palworld

Palworld is the all-new adventure survival game developed by Pocket Pair that has completely taken the world by storm. The game incorporates several familiar aspects of other games like Valheim, Pokemon, and Fortnite in a way that feels new and refreshing.

The seamless integration of real-time battles, monster-capturing, base-building, crafting, surviving, and resource gathering makes the game addicting without feeling too tedious.

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Similar to Pokemon, you capture these mythical creatures called Pals, and you can use them for a whole lot more than just battling.

You can summon pals to fight, act as a ground or a flying mount, help you craft faster, gather essential resources like wood and stone, use their special abilities to enable certain contraptions, and a whole lot more.

The game also incorporates guns, arrows, spears, and even rocket launchers so that you’re not a complete sitting duck while your Pals fight for you.

Now, one of the core features of Palworld is base building. As with many other games, you start off by collecting building resources like stone and wood and then craft whatever kind of base your heart desires.

But the building system in the game is currently a bit finicky and a little hard to get used to. So, if you need a helping hand building your base, you came to the right place!

Steps to Building a House in Palworld

Building a solid house is of vital importance in any given survival game. While you can always destroy and rebuild parts of your house in Palworld, it’s better if you can get it right the first time around. Let’s break this process down into steps so it’s easier to follow.

1. Upgrade Your Technology Tree

So, first things first, you actually do not have access to the necessary structures until you get your Tech Tree to level 2. What I mean is that the Wooden Structure Set (Assuming you’ll build your first house with wood) unlocks at Technology Tree level 2.

Fortunately, doing all the basic things in the first minutes of the game will net you enough experience to get your Tech Tree to level up.

How to build a house in Palworld

2. Gather Required Materials

So once you unlock the Wooden Structure Set, make sure that you stock up on wood as much as you can. Utilize your pals to gather wood for you and also speed up the process of cutting down trees by crafting yourself an Axe as soon as you can.

I won’t put a hard number on the amount of wood you need to gather since that will depend on the size of your house, but it’s a good idea to have a couple of stacks of wood in your storage box before you actually start building your house.

3. Building The House

To actually start building the house, open up the Technology Tab and go to the Wooden Structure Set as this will open up the options that will enable you to select wooden structures that you’ll use to build up your house.

How to build a house in Palworld

Start by building the foundation of your house with the Wooden Foundation. One tip here is to use the ‘Continuously Build’ option, which is bound to one of the buttons you’ll see in the bottom right of your screen(Its Right Click for PC and the Y button for Xbox). Using it will save you the trouble of opening up the structure selection interface over and over again.

How to build a house in Palworld

Once your house foundation is built, open up the Foundation Menu again and select the Wooden Wall and the Wooden Wall and Window option. You get to decide where you want a plain wall and where you want walls with windows to be.

Cover all the sides with Wooden Walls and Windows, and leave out just the place where you want your entrance to be. Select the Wooden Door option from the Foundations menu again to place the door in your desired location.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is to build a roof. As mentioned before, sometimes the building mechanics in Palworld are kind of finicky and don’t always snap to the right place. This is especially the case for roofs.

However, the simple plain roof is actually very easy to build; just head inside your house and point your cursor atop the walls, and select the Wooden Roof option.

Your plain roofs should snap into position. But building a slanted roof, which definitely does look a lot better, requires a few additional steps. But don’t worry; we actually have an in-depth guide on how to build a roof. Do feel free to give it a read right here.

4. Placing Your Bed

How to build a house in Palworld

Once you’re done building your house, add the finishing touch of placing your very own bed. The bed can be found in the Infrastructure Tab of the build menu. Additionally, you can also place a bed for your fellow pals inside your house to keep them warm and happy. Oh, and don’t forget to light up your house with torches as well.

How to Build A House in Palworld

And that’s about it! If you wanna spice up your house, then feel free to add any decoration pieces that the game offers, and also feel free to expand your house if you feel like doing so!

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Arnan Bonny is a Guide writer at GameRiv.